BT left my 82-year-old mother without a landline | Consumer Affairs

My mother is 82 years old and receives a pension Credit, so in 2021 I helped her sign up for BT low cost home Essentials, which includes broadband and calls for £15 a month.

In August I tried to renew Contract But something went wrong. On September 7, her line died, and she remains without service.

to continue to Necessities Deal, BT wanted to check her financial eligibility. Nothing has changed but an error either by BT or the Ministry of Work and Pensions led to her monthly payments Increase to £20.

When I inquired about this spike, problems began, and BT insisted on moving to a broadband-based digital voice service.

It’s now been a month since she had a working landline. can you do anything Like a weak woman left without a phone?
to me,

We’ve received several messages about BT as customers transition to voice digital phone service prior to the 2025 copper shutdown.

The mass rollout was paused in March after BT downplayed its estimate of the disruption it could cause, but new signups and customers who renew or upgrade contracts can still get them if they want to.

Your mother’s account was improperly transferred to Digital Voice and when the error was discovered it was the attempt to cancel it that caused her to lose service.

BT says it is “extremely sorry. We did not meet the high standards of service we strive to provide to all of our customers. One of BT’s home tech experts visited to make sure their service was restarting, and we offered compensation for the temporary loss of service.”

Your mother received £175 in compensation plus a bouquet of flowers. You’re glad she’s on the other end of the phone again but describes your dealings with BT as a “complete mess” from start to finish.

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