“I cheated on vacation and it feels good. Do you tell your partner?”

Betrayal always disgusted me. When I heard stories about marital side-jumping, it seemed to me that if I had such a situation, I would certainly not forgive my partner – and even more likely I would not have committed it myself. I thought that, firstly, I wouldn’t hurt my partner that much, and secondly, I simply wouldn’t be able to look in the mirror – betrayal was once the greatest expression of disrespect for my partner. And yet I loved Cuba very much. I never would have thought that my perception of infidelity would change like this.

Our marriage is not bad, but it is not very interesting. Everyday monotony, work, home, going on a holiday abroad once a year – and so for eight years. Kuba is responsible and reliable, but his top priority is work. She devotes her days, sometimes even weekends, and on Sundays, when she is theoretically free and we could spend time together, a client or an urgent order will often answer. His thoughts are always in the office. I also devote myself to a career – I’m not perfect in this regard either. There is no fireworks in bed, if there is any. I thought for a long time that this kind of life suits me, because what else can happen in a marriage? Peace of mind, no surprises, routine. Everything changed, however, when a good colleague from work, Monika, offered me a joint trip to one of the Greek islands.

Deciding to go on a last minute trip, being a person like me – not very go-getting, was a big challenge. I did not know what the detailed plan of the trip would be, but I decided that such an opportunity may not be repeated – especially since the costs of the trip were not high. I took a vacation from work and started packing. Two days later I was sunbathing on a Greek beach. But something in this trip did not suit me from the beginning.

I noticed that many participants gave each other flirty glances, flirted – in addition, none of them had a ring on their finger. I must admit that when I found out that my friend had bought us a single trip out of oversight, I got a little nervous. After all, I did not come to go on dates, but to rest! Monika was divorced, so she had nothing to complain about, but I had a husband. I stated – well, I will enjoy the island’s vacations and attractions and skip the dates – I did not want to come home because of such a mistake. My plan fell into ruin when I met Tom.

A charming, handsome guy from the other part of Poland – a completely different type of character than my husband. Suddenly, my whole outlook on infidelity collapsed like a house of cards. Then everything changed – without going into too much detail – I understood what a holiday romance is. As from the song, the bands Łzy – “In love by the moonlight at night, they walked along long forest paths” – although in our case along the beach of the romantic Rhodes. I felt like a teenager – but I knew that this relationship could not survive the return to Poland, but it made me use my time with Tomasz extremely intensively.

I got carried away by this hot romance, forgetting what awaited me at home. In fact, I didn’t think about it at all. I spent this week of vacation with him. Tomek knew I had a husband, but it didn’t matter to him back then. We decided that our relationship would end at the end of the summer holidays – I didn’t want to give up my life in Poland – he understood that.

I do not know. I feel that this one prank was enough for me, but I don’t want to lie to my husband. But will he understand? It’s hard to say, because I myself don’t understand what happened and why I don’t regret it. I cheated, but I can look in the mirror. So maybe I should keep it to myself and not tell my husband about the betrayal?

Honesty is the basis of any relationship. Hiding or cheating on a partner doesn’t usually end well for both sides of the relationship. Often times, remorse does not emerge until some time later. If we are unable to understand our behavior, it is worth consulting a psychotherapist or psychologist.