Golden Małgorzata Rozenek recalls a crazy party in Spain: “Swimming in the POOL in this DRESS WITH TRAINING was a mermaid experience” (PHOTO)

In life Małgorzata Rozenek there has undoubtedly been no shortage of impressions recently. Celebrity and Radoslaw Majdan decided to rest a bit after the challenges of moving to a new villa, which is why they have been staying for several days in sunny Spain. On Monday, the spouses they went crazy at the concert of Christina Aguilera. “Perfect “was entertained to the accompaniment of the star’s vocals, dressed in a dress decorated with feathers, and Radzio was playing in a neon suit. a party to celebrate the 43rd birthday of Omena Mensah.

It’s no secret that Małgorzata Rozenek she is a fashion lover – the celebrity even has her own clothing brand, which she eagerly promotes online. The Spanish party of Omena Mensah so it was a perfect occasion for “Perfekcyjna”, to present to the world another fancy styling. Beloved Radosław Majdan made sure to match the outfit to the atmosphere of the party and she appeared at her friend’s birthday in a sumptuous flamenco dress with flounces and tulle decorations.

On this, Małgosia however, it did not end the Spanish fashion revue. On Thursday, the celebrity decided to show the Instagram observers another real look. This time Rozenek posed in a fitted golden dress adorned with a spectacular cape, to which she chose a glistening ball-bag. “Perfect” organized a photo session in a picturesque garden and published a few photos on the web, showing the fans the creation in all its glory. By the way, the celebrity decided to recall the madness of last night.

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In her entry, Małgosia revealed that the previous night was marked by carefree fun in good company and with the accompaniment of music. It seems that the party atmosphere influenced the celebrity. As the future host of “Dzień dobry TVN” revealed, at one point decided to jump into the pool. Although the celebrity undoubtedly soaked the golden dress completely, she does not hide that it was worth it – because she had a chance to feel like a real mermaid.

Another amazing evening is behind us. Great people, delicious food and the best DJ in the world – DJShark. To explain to you the scale of champagne fun – let me just say that swimming in the pool in this dress with a train was a very mermaid experience – Małgosia wrote.

Gosia also published a few shots in the aforementioned creation on InstaStories, showing the details of the entire styling in it. It turns out that the celebrity chose glamor – she completed the golden dress jewelry stickers with which she adorned her hands and forehead.

Rozenek fans were downright delighted with her last look. One of the Internet users in the comments said, for example, that the celebrity looked like an Oscar statuette. Another judged Małgorzata to be ahead of the Kardashian sisters.

Wonderful; Beautiful dress; Angel, phenomenal !; The dress and handbag are beautiful; Class; A real rocket; Beautiful!!! Oscar statue !; OMG, unearthly styling, You look like a movie star! Wonderfully; What a frenzy! In a class of its own; Like a goddess; Luxuriously; Wow, Gosia, you look like a million dollars; Oh Margaret, firecracker after firecracker. “Kardaszjanki” could at best polish your shoes – Internet users melted over Rozenek.

See how golden Małgorzata Rozenek remembers the madness of last night.

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Pride walks before the fall.

I am asking you very kindly – quieter over this coffin !!!! The child died. The fact that the parents are known does not even authorize the gossip portal to produce ten articles on the same topic. Come on now. I know, I know … articles are clicking, but it pays to be just a decent BOX.

I don’t want to comment on all these boring and banal news today 😒. I am very sorry and sad about the death of little Oliver.

I was sad to see it. Such terrible things are happening in the world, and some of them only glitter and applause …


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Grandma is crazy

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czizas …. she can barely stand in this petticoat …. this one jumped into the pool … hi hi hi, I would like to see it. But seriously, in such temperatures, these dressing up and in such clothes (as for a prom) terribly empty, attentive couple … sad

I have been living in Spain for over 5 years, fortunately I have not had the chance to meet this something

A dress like a dress, but Rozenek in it is a humiliation for this dress.

Where are the fans ??? somehow they are rarely seen here.

And Henio with nanny … Soon it will be a beautiful and sweet prop for the Christmas session … It’s a pity for the child …

Looks nice. Even very nice

Only that this woman has no fans, because for some reason she only has high aspirations and vivid imaginations, nothing more than that she suffers from a mental illness.

She put on special panties with fillers, her butt is flat, legs curved, skinny

Where can you see the video of this swimming in the pool ???

Nothing else in mind, just dressing up and posing. It has a bad life and constant begging for attention. It’s all pathetic.

Poodle writes: “Rozenek fans were simply delighted with her last look. “. Poodle, nobody believes in a single compliment about Maidan, so give it up with Rożenek and Radosław.

That Gonia is so youthful that despite the fact that they have both false teeth, she jumped into the swimming pool in this Chinese dress during the party !!! And Radofil how? He swam naked with a nutria on his head?

Stop making stupid people famous!