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When it comes to eMAG, sometimes I really don’t know how to start an article… Simply the biggest retailer in the virtual environment in our country has reached a level where it practically doesn’t need any introduction, everyone knows who it is eMAG.

The period we are just going through is of maximum interest to buy one air conditioner from eMAG. The temperatures outside, which look set to continue to rise for many days to come, are only fueling the search for the best air conditioner deals.

After a simple browse through the category, I found it over 1,000 air conditioning offers from eMAG with minimum A++ cooling energy class.

Considering the cost of electricity, my opinion is that it would be ideal to choose appliances with at least this energy class.

Which eMAG air conditioner to choose?

Here, in addition to the above recommendation related to an economical air conditioner, I would say that several aspects should be considered:

  • Type of air conditioner: standardthat is, one with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that mounts on the wall; box typewith indoor unit mounted on the ceiling; multi-split typewhich has a single outdoor unit and several indoor units; duct typean outdoor unit and an indoor unit from which ducts lead the cold air to several rooms; mobile air conditioner, which some also call portable. Clearly the most used and which can be recommended in the vast majority of cases are the standard ones, with the indoor unit mounted on the wall. Fortunately, most of them are of this kind and because of this, here are also the most air conditioning promotions on eMAG, with price reductions that exceed 20% in some cases.
  • Cooling capacity – if you’ve done a little research on buying an air cooler, you’ve already noticed that one of the main specs is BTUs. There are many websites where you can calculate the required BTU, but you don’t even need to do that because in the specifications of air conditioners from eMAG, the recommended area of ​​the room where you will mount the internal unit is always listed, depending on the BTU capacity of the equipment . The most popular are the 9,000, 12,000, and 18,000 BTU units, but there are plenty of 24,000 BTU models and even more if your needs call for those numbers.
  • Last but not least, we must also take into account the manufacturer, the technologies used by each one, the intelligent functions that the equipment can provide. For example, I would clearly buy an air conditioner with WiFi, which in my view is not a fad in 2022, but a necessity. With a well-designed application, you can have remote control over the most important functions of the cooling equipment and thus have the optimal temperature in the home at exactly the right time.

Of course, the discussion about which is the best air conditioner is difficult, precisely because there are so many options in the market and each manufacturer tries to convince you with certain aspects that they put forward. You can get overwhelmed by the amalgamation of information, but at the same time, we must not forget that an informed customer makes smart choices. Don’t give up on documenting yourself as accurately as possible and always refer to your real needs and your budget, before anything else. In the end, whatever the choice, you are very likely to find it desired air conditioner at eMAG.

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