What we do in hiding season 4 – vampires come home [RECENZJA]

The beginning of the new season brings the heroes of “What do we do in hiding”, among others opening your own business, looking for a wife and raising a child. Has someone settled down here?

To answer immediately to the question posed above: no, absolutely none of these things. Even though Season 4 of What We Do in Hiding (the first two episodes are now available on HBO Max) brings the heroes back to the Staten Island mansion after a year of separation, it does not seem to bring any spectacular changes in their lives. Admittedly, each of them has a new idea, but as it happens in the series of FX production, the screen is mostly ruled by unbridled – seemingly – chaos.

What we do in hiding – return to Staten Island

As you probably remember, last season’s finale brought a whole series of goodbyes. From Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) ending his 100-year life, to Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) going to London to take her place on the Supreme Vampire Council, to Nandor (Kayvan Novak) existential journey around the world. Everything was so final that of course it couldn’t take too long, so we were given a couple of cliffhangers before the episode ended. What resulted from them?

“What we do in hiding” (Photo FX)

Watching the first episodes of season 4, you get the impression that not much. Nandor’s journey through Fresno to Al Qolnidar led him to the well-known conclusion that he needed a wife. But this one is hard to find, unlike the best man, especially when he comes from London, making his second trip in a wooden box across the Atlantic in twelve months, armed with slightly more Oreos and electrolytes than before. Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) definitely had the right to be pissed off and he should definitely put himself first. But how, if vampires are completely helpless without him, and this time it’s not just about them?

Admittedly, the sight of little Colin Robinson, or “the creature that crawled out of the dead Colin Robinson” at first glance, evokes discomfort rather than sympathy (which was achieved by putting Mark Proksch’s face and voice on the bodies of several child actors), but in the end it is about a child . Weird and a bit scary, but still a child for whom living in a decaying home and being raised by Laszlo (Matt Berry) trying to make him a real man, is hardly an ideal environment. With all this, Nadja’s idea of ​​opening her own vampire nightclub seems pretty normal.

what we do in hiding season 4 reviews

“What we do in hiding” (Photo FX)

What we do in secret, i.e. the absurd follows the absurd

Of course, as in previous seasons, one should not pay attention to any of the leading threads, because they are only a pretext for a number of twisted gags, which are already in the premiere episodes. From invading vampire raccoons to the Djinn (Anoop Desai, “Russian Doll”) bringing 37 Nandor wives of both sexes back to life, to the Handler (Kristen Schaal) and her past sins. And this is just the beginning.

Therefore, “What we do in secret” did not change its formula in any way, still having a great time playing with its possibilities and giving the screenwriters and performers a chance to show off. Crazy jokes still amuse, the atmosphere that distinguishes the series from the shallow sitcom competition has become even denser, and adding new elements straight from fantasy and horror to the fantasy world makes it richer and more kitschy than before. You can only repeat yourself and write every season that the imagination of the creators seems to have no limits. But is it enough?

What we do in hiding – a pinch of emotion, a ton of fun

The dilemma that sooner or later accompanies the creators of each longer comedy, here it is even more important that we will not part with “What are we doing in secret” so quickly – the series already has orders for the 5th and 6th seasons. And if so, apart from developing a crazy horror world and pitch black humor, it will be useful, if not fictional (I have doubts that the vampire club thread is something more than a one-season fun), then an emotional axis that will keep it all alive.

what we do in hiding season 4 review

“What we do in hiding” (Photo FX)

However, this one can only be found in one place, i.e. in caricatured, but not without sincerity characters. “What We Do in Secret” may not be a comedy that puts most of the energy into the development of its characters, but it is impossible not to notice that he is progressing. For example, Guillermo is becoming more and more independent and his slowly taking the form of a friendly relationship with Nandor, as well as the interesting dynamics in the Laszlo / Colin Robinson pair, who necessarily went quickly from unusual partners to an even more unusual father and son.

The potential for further evolution in this direction, and therefore making the heroes care for us not only as suppliers of dark humor, therefore exists without a doubt. The trick is to make it sound strong enough and not to get lost somewhere under a ton of crazy jokes, which will naturally always be in the foreground here.

Not that there was anything wrong with that, because the example of Nadja and her club shows that it doesn’t take much to sell us even the flimsy plot. All it takes is the heroine’s insane enthusiasm, and the emotional foundations cease to matter. As long as it works, and in terms of production, acting and creativity, the series is at the highest level, we do not have to worry about “What We Do In Hiding”.

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