We know the full program of the 5th edition of the Octopus Film Festival

6 days in the industrial spaces of Gdańsk, 49 films at 67 screenings (including one hidden!), 9 locations, 9 Polish premieres, meetings with filmmakers, original sections and a unique atmosphere – we know the full program of the 5th edition of the craziest film festival in Poland ( or in the world) – the Octopus Film Festival will emerge from the Baltic Sea on August 2.

Cult classics and surprising novelties

As usual, various and extraordinary events await the viewers. This year, Michał Milowicz, the chief gangus of Polish cinema, will read live the absolute top of gangster cinema – the British “Przekręt” dir. Guy Ritchie playing each of the main roles, continuing the octopus tradition of screenings with a teacher. And when it comes to screenings with a teacher, it is impossible to forget about Tomaszek Knapik, Octopus’ longtime collaborator and friend, who died last year. To honor his memory, this year’s festival will feature two films from the videotape era, read in the characteristic voice of Tomasz Knapik: “American Ninja” with Michael Dudikoff and “Over the Top” with Sylvester Stallone.

As part of the Main Competition, as many as 12 of the most interesting and surprising genre films from around the world that have not been shown in Polish cinemas before: incl. “Pisklę” – this year’s opening film and a combination of horror, fairy tales and coming-of-age story; “Moloch” – full-blooded folk horror, combining inspirations from Dutch legends and contemporary horror movies under the sign of “Hereditary” and “Relic”, which is a fascinating study of the family curse that marks the next generations with its stigma; “Pig” – a bloody picture full of handfuls both from “Carrie” and from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” asking interesting questions related to adolescence and cruelty of teenagers, creating perhaps the first horror movie in the history of which the monster is fat shaming or “Badman” – first-rate comedy madness, which is a parody of Marvel and DC movies in equal measure, a slapstick show that draws on the classics of the genre and a politically incorrect movie meme. After the screenings, viewers will be able to evaluate the competition titles and award – for the third time in the history of Octopus – the Festival Audience Award.

The program also includes Jarek Tokarski’s original series – Horror found footage in tribute to classics such as “Blair Witch Project” or “Paranormal Activity” and “A Decade of Horror” – a real film drive through the history of Polish horror cinema. 80. designed by Tomek Kolankiewicz, Director of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, which will inaugurate the unprecedented cooperation between the Gdynia festival of Polish cinema and Octopus.

The first in Poland review of restored paintings by Doris Wishman – the most professionally active director of American genre cinema, who in the 1960s and 1970s made several dozen films about nudists, sexploitation, and later also films with the characteristic age category X. including the famous “Naked on the Moon” and the iconic “Deadly Weapons” starring Chesty Morgan.

A complete novelty are participatory screenings, which involve the viewer beyond the standard kind of film experience! During the screening of “Club of culprits” in High School No. 3 in Gdańsk, viewers will play the role of students forced to go to school after hours, representing one of the five types of high school students, and during the “Warriors” screening at the Layup Gallery in members of a New York gang encouraged to fight by a charismatic leader. Disguise is obligatory for both shows!

Gdańsk known and unknown in exceptional locations

Octopus Film Festival has always been famous for its original locations that correspond to the atmosphere of the film. Anchored from the first edition at the industrial areas of the Gdańsk Shipyard or at ul. Electricians, where most of the events take place, use these and other spaces of the city to build a unique atmosphere of the festival. The genre cinema feels great in Gdańsk. This year, it will also visit the Forest Theater with a special screening of the film “Rambo: First Blood” on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the famous American series with Sylvester Stallone. The viewers will be able to feel like the heroes of “Piła” during the screening in the bunker, but the most emotional will surely arouse the Hidden Screening, where the specially arranged screening place and the title of the film are kept secret until the last moment.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Ink Macka for the legend of Italian genre cinema

Gdańsk will also be visited by Enzo G. Castellari, a legend of Italian cinema and director of spaghetti westerns (“Keoma” from Franco Nero), poliziotteschi (“High Crime”, “Street Law”), macaroni combat (“Heroes from Hell”) and post-apocalyptic films ( “Warriors of the Bronx”) known for his love of slow motion and experimental editing. His films occupied the top of the Italian box office throughout the seventies. The director will receive the first award for lifetime achievement in genre cinema in the history of Octopus – The Ink Tentacle, and the festival will also include a retrospective of his work.

And these are not all the attractions of the 5th Octopus Film Festival – the full festival program can be found on the festival’s website in the PROGRAM tab: https://octopusfilmfestival.com/program/.

Tickets on sale via www.octopusfilmfestival.com or goout.net.

The 5th Octopus Film Festival will be held on August 2-7 in Gdańsk. The organizer of the Octopus Film Festival is the distributor of genre and art cinema Velvet Spoon. The event is sponsored by the City of Gdańsk, the Pomeranian Voivodeship Self-government and the Polish Film Institute.

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