Rituals for the New Moon in Leo, which are worth celebrating until August 6. These practices will ease the intense emotions caused by the fire sign

It’s the hottest moment of the year from a spiritual standpoint. It is, of course, the New Moon in Leo, the temperamental sign of fire. The first phase of the moon is a time of new beginnings that strengthens our ability to manifest. The lion follows the heart. He roars to the moon and sends his brave thoughts into the ether. Now, with him, you will finally get your hands on what you most want out of life.

New Moon in Leo August 28 is an invitation to connect with your potential. Leo rules the heart and is guided by love. Nothing can quench his passion. In Tarot, this fire sign corresponds to the Strength card. Her illustration shows a woman taming a lion by gently holding it by the mouth. This card shows that only gentleness will help us tame our animal instincts. During the new moon you will feel the heat inside you. Avoid anger and, instead of floating, express your feelings in a soft way. Also remember that the new moon gives you the opportunity to establish your intentions for the following months. You can do this by doing specials rituals for the new moon in Leo. Think about what you would like to develop in your life. Let the vibrations of your wishes float in the universe. Trust fate and your intentions will quickly come true.

Rituals for the New Moon in Leo 2022

During the new moon of the sign of fire, it is worth turning to the opposite element. If you feel nervous or tired, treat yourself to a “ritual bath”. Jump into the sea, lake or dive in the pool. Quench intense emotions. Cleanse yourself of negative energy by swimming – a movement that releases tension in the body. Alternatively, take a dip in the tub and take a relaxing bath.

Water extinguishes fire, so rituals with water will help you tame your burning interior.

Sleep is another important ritual for the new moonthat we usually forget about. The new moon phase puts a strain on the body, so please respect your need to rest. The dark sky without Luna’s shield represents a time of spiritual reflection, meditation and prayer.

Additionally, support yourself with these practices:

  • Determine and write down new intentions for the coming months.
  • Create a mood board for your manifestations.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Surround yourself with beloved people.
  • Analyze your dreams, which are steeped in important symbolism during the new moon.

What should not be done in the New Moon?

  • Avoid crowds of people and noisy places.
  • Do not take any serious action.
  • Wait for decisive conversations.

Whatever you want to start, hold off until the moon rises again.

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Manifestations of the New Moon in Leo

The following ritual for the new moon in Leo is to be performed in between July 28 and August 6 2022.

You will need:

  • cleansing incense
  • crystal or favorite talisman
  • colored markers
  • 3 sheets of blank paper


1. Clear your space with your chosen incense. When you incense your surroundings, make sure you have a door or window open so that negative energy can go away. You can recite the following words:

“My body is my temple, my heart is peaceful, my mind is clear and open. I am ready to be released. I let go of everything that weighs down on my soul. This space is cleansed by the power of love and light. This is my peaceful haven. May her energy bring peace to all who appear in her. Thank you.”

2. Pick up paper and colored markers. Think of three things that you would like to manifest or create in your life.

3. On a piece of paper, draw a colored symbol that is to present what you want to manifest in a simplified way. When you create your symbol, fill it with the vibration of your first intention. Concentrate on your intention as you draw by repeating it in your mind. Let your imagination run wild. Let your creativity guide you. Repeat this action on the other two cards – so that you get a total of 3 symbols. Make the drawn characters unique, as well as your visions.

4. Imagine that these symbols are your “stamps” – you have sealed your intentions with them, which will come true now.

5. Place these three cards on your heart along with your favorite talisman or crystal and recite the following words:

“During the new moon in July, I bring these intentions into my life. I am asking for guidance in manifesting them, I am asking for your support for my further steps. I understand that everything will unfold in perfect time and for my best good. I am sending my gratitude and love to the Universe. I trust you and thank you. “

6. Put the cards with symbols in a safe place and keep them there until your intentions are manifested.