Rafalala shows a letter from Maffashion lawyers and thunders: “Stop scaring me, because you have OBSESSION on me for years!”

Echoes scandal involving Sebastian Fabijański and Rafalala they still do not stop and there is no indication that the topic will be forgotten in a moment. After the actor gave Pudelek a loud interview in which he admitted to being friends with a transsexual celebrity and cheating on his child’s mother, more details about the parents’ relationship began to come to light. Bastka. It turned out, among other things, that some time ago the dispenser got involved in an affair with a budding rapper who was to leave her previous partner for her.

From the beginning, Rafalal does not have the best opinion about Julka. Interestingly, the scandalist is currently delighted with the attitude of the “brave” and wounded by Maff Sebastian …

In a recent interview, the 40-year-old spoke not very carefully about the son of Kuczyńska and Fabijański. Her words infuriated the boy’s mom who exploded via social media.

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As it turned out, she did not limit herself to an Instagram publication and sent her former partner’s “friend” letter from a lawyer. She shared this fact with Rafal’s fans, of course, by publishing the content of the document, which shows that she has cease to infringe the personal rights of the influencer, including stop making threats at her son. The transsexual first noticed, however, not Julia’s firm reaction, but that how the document was addressed. For her old male name was used on it.

What is the purpose of listing my old data which, according to Polish law, ceased to exist a few years ago? I understand that an attorney works on commission, but there must be some ethics in this profession – she wrote indignantly, hitting Maffashion in subsequent publications.

First, the scandalist compared the blogger to “the wife from the Truman Show movie” and explained that she did not threaten Bastek, emphasizing that her private life was not recently commented on by only she, and then she threw Kuczyńska that she … he is obsessed with it.

Stop scaring me because you’ve been obsessed with me for years! I will not buy “mococo” from you! Your world is artificial, and you are always a loser when you collide with someone as real as me.

Do you think Julia will answer her?

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Yes, it must be obsessed with this poor, unloved, forgotten person who exists only by pouring out and manipulating others, yet the victim is making the end of himself. Really cool

Say what you want, but this Rafałlala looks tasteless, something like a messy Cropp mannequin

Sebuś is afraid of Rafał, Julia took the matter into her own hands

How this Sebastian could with that Rafalala

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Maff has exactly what Raff would like – fame, money and recognition despite the lack of talent, which M. owes only to his own entrepreneurship and luck. Only that Maff is at least interested in something, and Rafalala is only interested in the fact that he is in a trance, which does more harm to the environment than good.

Oh, and the comment has already been deleted, because I objectively wrote that it was an exaggeration to talk about THREATEN A CHILD, in a situation when she only said that we do not know what will happen in a dozen or so years, will we live at all? What, she said wrong? Where are the threats? I do not understand Pudelek’s censorship criteria.

She threatened Julia’s baby ?? The fact that she said that it is not known what will be in teen years? That it is not known if we will live? (So, will the child live as well.) Come on folks, let’s be serious!

the problem is that it is not known what its name is, it keeps changing 😉 I know that it has a female name in the proof, but whether it is Rita or Nina, Chmiel or Kukawska, I won’t do it anymore …

Obsessions of ma😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Aside from sympathy or dislike, this Rafalala is much more intelligent than Maff and eats it before Maff has time to open his mouth. He is a degenerate, but at least quite smart, so he has not been penalized for years for blackmail that he committed. Because he knows how to do it, but not to overdo it, the case with Seb is a perfect example – everyone knows that she forces him to pay for silence, but in public Seba goes and says that he was wrong, that she was blackmailing him;)))

Rafał should consult a therapist. She definitely has a mental disorder. It should also be banned from recording people without their consent! Speaking in public etc …

Poland is a wall behind Rafalala !!!

Is Rafalala a bit wrong? The woman was betrayed in front of the whole of Poland, and her insta: “I recommend you these discounted panties”, “I have never had a better toaster, link below”

Soon every woman will have Rafalotrauma. Fearful to make an appointment with some guy, because it will turn out that he is sitting in Rafalala’s bathtub

Who’s fake here and who’s pretending to whom? !!! Fiction fiction please examine the chromosomes then we will know who is who ?!

Probably Mafaszyn is jealous of Rafaszyn’s beauty