Radiant Shakira goes crazy with her sons on a Mexican beach in a lavender outfit (PHOTOS)

Shakira recently it appears in the media mainly in context parting with Gerard Pique. The singer and footballer have been a couple for over a decade and were considered one of the most harmonious duos in the world of show business. Unfortunately, in early June, the stars announced that their paths eventually parted. The media swarmed with rumors about the circumstances of the separation. Pique was said to be was to cheat on his beloved with a 22-year-old lover. Although there were later rumors that the artist and the athlete had long lived in an open relationship, and the footballer met a new sympathy after separating from Shakira, public opinion blamed the athlete for the breakdown of their relationship.

Shakira and Gerard Pique They had two sons: 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha. Since the media has spread information about the couple’s breakup, boys are most often seen in the company of their famous mother. Recently, the singer and the kids decided to go to sunny Mexico. The paparazzi caught the three of them on a beach at a popular resort there Cabo San Lucas.

Both Shakira and her sons undoubtedly enjoyed their time together. The singer carelessly strolled along the shore of the ocean and looked after her sons frolicking on the beach, who they happily chased across the sand. Although there have been rumors in the media recently that the 45-year-old star did not endure the breakup with Pique very well, she seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood, and on her face he had a radiant smile almost constantly. Shakira also took care of impeccable styling and paraded on the Mexican beach dressed up in a lavender set decorated with fringes.

Let us remind you that everything indicates that Shakira and Gerard Pique are waiting soon fierce struggle to care for sons. The Colombian star is said to want to go along with the children live in Miami. According to the YouTube program “Chisme No Like”, the artist submitted to an ex-partner multi-million offer, according to which she would mainly look after the children and provide for their maintenance. Pique would spend the summer with his sons and visit them five times a year in Miami at the singer’s expense. The footballer, however, did not agree to her proposal and strongly opposes the departure of his descendants to the USA.

See how Shakira goes crazy with the kids on the beach.

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Poodle. The death of a child is not a sensation, it is a tragedy. So many articles?

Regret for Oliver. I feel sorry for his loved ones. Finally, he hates.

If I were Magda, after everything that happened to her, I would have ended up in a psychiatric ward. I feel so sorry for this girl, my heart is breaking 💔

And it’s nice that she is happy 😁👍

Beautiful Shakira !! 🙂 Enjoy your life despite what happened !! ☺

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Regret for Oliver. R.I.P. Perhaps it is worthwhile to donate money to other children. Maybe a child could save his life.

He’s bored, the guys are terrible. First they fly older than themselves, self-righteous that she has flown, and then they abandon it like a dog, with no correspondence whatsoever. I don’t understand girls who get into such arrangements.

the same problems …

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Karma returns before she got into an affair with Pique, she was engaged to someone else and left him overnight, so she has hers too. She was in 10 years old Jak God Cuba so Cuba God. She was in a 10-year relationship with Antonio de la Rua, the son of the President of Argentina. She went to the World Cup in South Africa to record a video for the World Cup and met Pique. She was never loyal, the list of exes is quite long. She should also be understanding to Pique because she is the same character.

Poodle delete all comments about Oliver, because although you cannot comment, as you can see, they comment on other posts. Don’t feed on the tragedy!

I’m in Stegna on the beach

How could you attack Magde like that – people like her had to suffer terribly, she was looking desperately for help for her son, although she could not afford it and none of her wonderful friends, including the wife of our best footballer, nobody gave her money to save the child without exposing herself to hejt-this situation showed me how people fell, what you did with this collection, these accusations how it must have hurt this girl … alone without a partner, attacked by everyone, she lost her son … Pomodle for Magde with all her heart because she must to have the strength to continue living – let’s all think about her, maybe the kind energy will help her withstand it.

Nice to see her smiling

He was such a laughing, lovely child, Sleep sweet, Angel.

If I were Magda, after everything that happened to her, I would have ended up in a psychiatric ward. I feel so sorry for this girl, my heart is breaking 💔

Beautiful Shakira !! 🙂 Enjoy your life despite what happened !! ☺

She used to be beautiful, today she is already an old lady, but a plus for not interfering or delicately interfering with beauty.

Regret for Oliver. I feel sorry for his loved ones. Finally, he hates.