Justyna Mazur shows the abdomen and SCARS a month after gastric reduction surgery (PHOTO)

Justyna Mazur is one of the leading Polish podcasters. The internet creator from Zabrze made herself known thanks to a criminal series “Fifth: Don’t Kill”. In addition, the 36-year-old runs a profile on Instagram, where she has over 50,000 fans. It was there that she announced a few weeks ago that she had stomach reduction surgery. Before the surgery, she decided to arrange it for herself commemorative photo session in underwear and praised her backstage.

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On Wednesday, Masuria celebrated the “month” of the operation. On this occasion, she was tempted to post in which she updated the data on gastric resection. Under the series of photos in which he found both vacation shotwhat photographs showing her postoperative scarsshe wrote:

27/07/2022 – today is a month since I underwent the bariatric surgery. How it is? Time passed faster than I expected, a each week passed under a different sign / taste / challenge.

Then Justyna describes what it looked like to her recently menu:

First crushed medicines and only water, then broth, then jars for children and puddings, jellies, now it’s mainly cottage cheese, ham, protein ice cream – lists and continues:

The body is back to normal, but the abdomen, or rather the stump (this is how I have what’s left of the stomach on the hospital discharge record) has been a little whimpering lately. As if I do not understand the signals it sends: I am hungry, do I not feel like eating? – he confides. It is an interesting adventure, mostly with relief, power, but also courage and gratitude to myself that I did it. Thank you! – acknowledges.

Under the honest entry, the Youtuber could count on a number of words of support and admiration for her courage. A comment was also left by, for example, her friend from the internet industry, Red Lipstick Monster.

Thank you for sharing this with us – wrote Ewa.

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I wonder what it will look like in the lean version. These people are sometimes unrecognizable. This lady has a pretty face so the effect can be pissing

It’s nice that she is honest about it, I think her listeners appreciate it. He does not rave about the changes on Dąbrowska’s post or juices. He has a problem and heals himself, he appreciates it

Without exaggeration, my grandmother did not look super obese, the kind that needed beriatric surgery. She could easily get off such a scale on her own. I understand when someone is very obese, has problems with joints, with mobility, but this is a pretty average looking woman.

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Good luck with your further fight😍

Who is this?? Now any name. The star on the box

A few more paid episodes and our star will climb to the top xd

And I myself lost weight from 86 kg to 66 kg now. In 7 months. I do not torture myself with diets, I exercise every day for about 30 minutes, but calm exercises in which most I stand or lie, not some cardio madness. It was enough to put away sweets, sugar, white bread and the kilograms themselves began to drop. Another 6 kg and I will have my dream weight 🙂

How can you fall down like this ???

Poodle, leave her alone. I know she worked for you ages ago, but come on … she does her job, she does it well, and she doesn’t push herself to celebrity so why are you bothering me?

Ham and pudding after such an operation? 🤔 And I thought vegetables and no red meat. And physical activity is probably a complete abstraction. And here is the dog buried. Obesity does not come from the air, you have to earn a slim figure (nutrition, sport). And only a few are obese due to metabolic diseases or steroids.

Poodle, please, leave Justyna alone. It’s not a celebrity.

A woman who has not had and is not drastically overweight mutilates herself for life, almost greeting her stomach. It’s no courage for me. It’s so sad.

All obese people who simply do not follow diets claim that they cannot lose weight despite “eating nothing”. And when they go to an operation after which they can’t eat much because they can’t fit physically, it’s wonderful that everybody will lose weight and every diet works. The truth is, the em-token always works, as long as it applies. Before the operation, they cheat that they are not eating, but are actually eating.

It’s best to go easy, and all you need to do is diet and exercise, and above all self-denial

When you lose weight, the bust will turn into saggy pancakes and another operation like in a bank.

Poodle, why are you deleting my comment in which I wrote that people eat like pigs and then cry that they look like porpoises. We are right.