“Grandchildren devoured all my savings. Because of them, I had to give up a peaceful, prosperous old age “- Taken from life

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I have dreamed about this trip for years, but my grandchildren are more important to me than even the Holy Land. When the grandchildren are happy, so am I.

It was early morning. I was just about to start getting ready for my 70th birthday party tomorrow when the doorbell rang. My best friend Tereska was standing on the threshold.

She was red with emotion

– It’s already decided, love! We drive! – she shouted as soon as she was in the apartment.

– Wait a minute … Where to?

– Well, where to? On a trip to the Holy Land!

– Listen?

– Yeah! In May. For six days. I found a great offer, especially for seniors. Not that way at all. You just have to decide quickly and pay, because there are many willing! Well, are you happy that our dream will finally come true? She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

I looked at her ashamed.

I would like to be happy, but I cannot. Because I’m not going anywhere. I just don’t have any money, I choked out.

Tereska darkened.

– How do you not have it? A few months ago you said that you raised almost all the money you needed.

– Yeah, but something fell out again. You know how it is. You have savings today, and not tomorrow – I tried to dispose of it.

– Oh yeah! Admit it, you probably gave up on your grandchildren again. They pull you like you’re a millionaire, she snorted.

– Nothing similar. They never asked me for anything. I gave it myself. Anyway, it’s none of your business! – I got angry.

– Calm down, Lidka. I did not mean anything bad. I just wanted to say that if you think about them first and then about yourself, our dream will never come true. And time is running out. We will not be younger She reminded me.

– Too bad. This is life. And if you are afraid that we will not be able to leave, go on this journey alone. And sorry to you, but I have tons of things to do! We’ll talk another day. ”I looked at the door meaningfully.

– It’s okay, I’m going away. I just hope so your grandchildren appreciate your sacrifice and will pay you back one day. Although… I wouldn’t count on it. Young people today are focused only on taking, not giving. Such times. Oh, and one more thing. I’m not going anywhere by myself. Either with you or not at all. But if I know life, it won’t work, because you will always have more important expenses than fulfilling your own dreams – she said disappointed and left.

After Tereska left, I lost my mind

When did I start saving for a trip to the Holy Land? I think right after my retirement. Even though I was getting very little, I promised myself that I would set aside 200 zlotys every month to finally go there one fine day. It was always my biggest dream. I quickly infected my best friend with it. Since then, we have imagined walking the streets of Jerusalem and praying in the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

However, while Tereska’s husband inherited some money in her account, I had to put some money on it myself. So I saved up on whatever I could. I bought cheaper food, dressed mainly in second-hand shops or in bazaars. But every tenth, I put more bills in the drawer in the chest of drawers. But once the goal seemed close, there were always some important expenses.

First, there was the eldest granddaughter’s wedding. Sumptuous, for over 200 people, in the best place in the area. Wiktoria and her fiance personally came to hand me the invitation. I tried to ask them what to buy, but finally decided that the envelope would be the best. Young people know better what they need. And that I put all the money I put into it for the trip? Well, after all, I am a grandmother and it would not be appropriate for me to get away with some lousy hundreds. Especially since they seated me at the head table, right next to the groom’s parents.

Still some expenses …

Thank God that Tereska lent me an elegant suit and hat, because it meant that I didn’t even have a proper outfit. And this is how I looked like an English queen. Then the only grandson, Adaś, passed his high school diploma and he got into his dream medicine. Oh God, how glad I was that he made it. For a year, the poor man did not move from books, he hardly slept, he studied so diligently. It made him lose weight and deteriorate.

He deserved a decent rest, some entertainment. Well, I reached into my savings drawer again and sent him on vacation to Italy, because at least the sea is warm there and the sun is guaranteed. He came back tanned, pleased. For two hours he showed me photos and told me his impressions. I was happy with him. And that my departure was delayed in time again? Well, Adam’s health and well-being were more important to me. After my grandson returned from vacation, I promised myself that this time I would collect the necessary amount for my own trip, and nothing would stop me from doing it.

Especially since Tereska was getting a little impatient with this eternal postponement of the term to an undefined future. The only thing I did not predict was that this time the youngest granddaughter, Natalka, wants to open his own hairdressing salon. She worked for someone for several years, but was not satisfied. She complained that her boss was cheating on her paycheck, taking the tips. And at the beginning of this year, she decided to become independent. She took out a loan to start a business, rented a place in a great location, bought the necessary appliances and equipment.

She spent all the money

But the salon looked really great. Unfortunately, the landlord asked for three months’ rent in advance at the last minute. And again my drawer glowed empty. After all, I couldn’t let Natalka lose her place in the city center because of such stupidity! The granddaughter was delighted. She thanked me, said that I saved her business.

And I? Well … This morning I had to disappoint Tereska again. With less than a thousand savings, because I managed to collect so much, I couldn’t go on a trip.

– Oh there, no need to feel sorry for yourself. The main thing is that the grandchildren are happy. And if they are happy, so am I I muttered to myself, getting up from the couch.

I had to get to work once or twice. The whole family would come to my holiday tomorrow. I was glad to see them again, all at the same table.

And what, you are probably bald now, Tereska?

On my birthday, I was ready an hour ahead of time. Everything was buttoned up. The table is beautifully set, the starters are ready, the dinner is cooked, the salads are done, the cakes are baked. So I stood by the window and looked for the guests impatiently. My sister and her husband came first. Then my daughter and son-in-law, cousin Marlena with children and cousin Andrzej with her family.

The grandchildren, however, were still not there.

– Don’t worry, Mom, they’ll come. As far as I know, all together. It seems to me that they are preparing a surprise for you – my daughter reassured me.

– And there, I don’t need any surprises. It is enough that they will just be – I smiled.

This was all I really cared about. I loved them with all my heart, as only a grandmother could love grandchildren. They came a little late. Victoria held a huge bouquet of flowers and a decorative envelope in her hands.

– Happy birthday, Grandma. First of all, health and make dreams come true. And this is a gift from all of us, she said solemnly, handing me flowers.

I kissed them one by one, then sat them at the table.

– Grandma, won’t you see the gift? Adam asked.

– Necessarily. We want to know if we hit it – added Natalka.

“Of course I will,” I agreed and opened the envelope.

There were some papers inside and a credit card with my name on it. I started reading these papers and almost passed out from the sensation. My grandchildren gave me a trip to the Holy Land! Twelve days, with food and accommodation in really good hotels. When I took a look at the program, my heart started to beat faster. Cana of Galilee, Nazareth, Mount Tabor, Haifa, Caesarea, Bethlehem, Jerusalem …

– Oh God, I can’t believe it! Thank you … How did you know? I gasped.

– How come from? It’s no secret. Everyone in the family knew you were raising for this trip. But you never did. And it’s mainly because of us. So we gathered our strength and resources … – Wiktoria smiled.

– Even Adaś worked in a pub after classes at the university to contribute. And on the credit card there is some money, so that you have small expenses and admission tickets. You can probably guess what happened next.

I cried with emotion like a child. It took a good few minutes for me to calm down. But when I recovered a little, I slipped into the kitchen for a moment and called Tereska.

– Imagine that not all young people today are focused only on taking! I exclaimed, then told me what a surprise the grandchildren had prepared for me.

At first her friend was so surprised that she couldn’t even say a word. But later she was very happy and promised that the next day she would buy the trip at the same office and date. So the door handle has fallen, let’s go. I can not wait!

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