Ewa Chodakowska takes the floor on the HEALTH CONDITION. “I’m not going to pretend that everything flows with me in milk and honey”

ewa Chodakowska she regularly visits her beloved Greece, where her husband comes from. The celebrity has spent the last weeks on Rajskich vacation in the homeland of the beloved, during which she ate local sweets in company Marcin Gortat and Żaneta Stanisławska. The star additionally decided expand your real estate portfolio. Let us remind you that last year the “trainer of all Polish women” became the proud owner of her own hotel in Greece, and a few days ago she boasted about the purchase new villa with swimming pool.

Unfortunately, the “Greek idyll” Ewa Chodakowska and her husband Lefteris Kavoukis was interrupted unexpectedly. On Wednesday, the trainer published an entry in social media in which she informed fans that she had to end her vacation and return to Poland. According to the celebrity, her “forced” trip to the country was associated with health problems. Chodakowska confessed to the observers that soon she needs urgent treatment and now has to save herself – thus unable to continue the next fit challenge. The 40-year-old did not reveal what ailments she was struggling with.

On Thursday evening, however, Chodakowska decided to address the fans and explain the situation to them a bit. While already in Warsaw, the celebrity published a recording on InstaStories in which she revealed the reasons for interrupting her holiday in Greece. As the trainer confessed, her health problems are related with Graaf’s bubble (ovarian follicle), which in her case it did not break during the last cycle. As a result, as she described, it grew to “indecent size” and turned into a large cyst that causes uncomfortable pains for the celebrity. The cyst mentioned by Chodakowska is so large that “it hurts her intestines” and “presses the bladder”.

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I didn’t want to disappear like that without a word, and I couldn’t say more yesterday … My Graaf vesicle (I believe we all know what it is) did not rupture and grew to compress all around … Intestines, bladder. 9×6 cm cyst in two weeks – the celebrity informed the fans.

In a series of recordings, Chodakowska also revealed that she would soon find out what treatment she would have to undergo in connection with the ailment. The celebrity did not hide that she would like the entire procedure to be as little invasive as possible. By the way, she also advised fans not to delay when painful symptoms appear.

When it hurts, don’t wait for it to go away. Immediately after the appointment, I will find out what we do: surgery, laparoscopy, or maybe some less invasive way out … I hope – she added.

Let us recall that in the post published the day before, Chodakowska emphasized that she did not intend to hide her health problems from her fans – although she generally does not like talking about her private life.

I do not like such a private life, but I also do not intend to pretend that everything flows with me in milk and honey. A compulsory break from the Greek idyll is ahead of us … Packing for a cito, returning to Athens, and tomorrow the plane and return to Warsaw. A procedure awaits me – an urgent matter – which unfortunately excludes me from our challenge – she wrote in an earlier post.

The celebrity, who now has to refrain from physical activity, also urged fans to keep their fingers crossed for her and “pofikali” on her behalf.

At the moment – as the doctor recommended today – I have to spare myself. Well … Nothing in life is guaranteed. I envy you that you can fake today … So please also for me and keep your fingers crossed, so that in a few moments I will regain my strength she added.

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It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor with five villas. He is rich who has health. Cheers for you, Ewa and for all poodles

I feel so sorry for that little Oliver. Do you know what the truth is? In fact, during such a period, the parents slowly die internally. The children will go away in peace, they won’t feel this pain anymore. In parents and siblings, this trauma will remain forever. I can’t imagine what parents feel when they lose their child to such a nasty disease. In my city, we also raise for a drug for a boy, and it’s 10 million … Unimaginable sum. In addition, it is another child with such a serious condition in my area. For me it is terrible that sometimes nothing can be done. And it really is disgusting to write backwards articles on this subject. Even if the parents are public figures. Now, all that Magda, Kuba and little Oliir’s sister need is peace, and you are not helping about it with continuous articles.

In order for it to reach this size, it had to grow over much more than each cycle. So she exaggerated a bit about the fact that there are no fertility problems. One of the signs is the bad luck. I mean, it has a lot of periods of non-ovulation. But who cares (besides her)

She had to read the box and said what was wrong with her. She drew conclusions :). Cheers 🙂

I had it too. 4 hours after surgery and home. He will survive

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I don’t know if I wanted to know that, but Chodakowska might like to know that intense physical exertion sometimes causes these types of problems. She may not agree with me, but the six-pack, which, incidentally, does not look aesthetically pleasing to her, is not worth it. Well, in 2 weeks, a promise for something that you do not need, but it did not come off, because she is grateful for the “support”.

It is known that he is afraid. The sooner he does it, the better for her. Everything will be fine Ewa, health!

When you are rich, you go to another country to make money, but when your health breaks down, it is cheaper with us. The country cannot count on such people. They live elsewhere and only come back here for a while. health.

Magic 40 .. everything starts to stick even they show health 😉🙁🧐

Poodle today in an economic version. Second article, same photos as in the previous one, no text. Well done, you can see the progress.

And despite everything, I always wonder why lonely people need these millions, these dollars, hotels and so do not have then Who to leave

Interesting business and taxes in Greece. And for treatment to Poland and maybe also to the National Health Fund

I wish everyone would be healthy, so that no one would ever suffer again. Let us respect our own and others’ mental and physical health. I wish this for myself and for each of you. Take care of yourself and eat healthy

The information about little Oliwierek was so good, such a little angel, I believed that they would succeed

I am infertile (not infertile) and according to doctors’ theory I was and will always be through non-bursting bubbles – month after month. They never burst, even once a year I do not ovulate, and I do not ovulate after treatment, fortunately until today, i.e. some 27 years after the first menstruation, they are self-absorbing, keep it up. I am a bit afraid that one day it will not be absorbed or, worse, it will stop absorbed every month because age will do its job and then probably only an ovarian removal surgery.

Mrs. Ewuniu, do you care what hurts me? Not. Then why are you telling me what hurts you? I have to spend almost 300 zlotys on drugs and you don’t care, I don’t care for you too. ABOUT! Fig with poppy seeds Mrs. Ewuniu. I liked you, but you boast too much about yourself and you look down on others. I didn’t like that. Regards Teresa

So stimulation. I know. I also fight.

who cares ??????????????