The FIFA series and women’s teams – players do not compete with the fair sex

The premiere of the game is waiting for us in two months FIFA 23. The last production in the series created by Electronic Arts studio will bring us a lot of news. One of them will be women’s club teams. However, is this what the players and the community of the most popular soccer simulator expect?

FIFA 23 focuses on women, but …

The premiere of a new game in the series FIFA it is always a great event. This year we will see the production debut with the note “23”. As you all know very well, it will be the last title in the series created by Electronic Arts. The developer has not renewed its contract with the football federation as it intends to launch a new franchise next year. EA Sports FC is a game that is to take the place of the cult series on the kick ball simulator market.

Meanwhile, the FIFA organization has no intention of closing the popular cycle. The president of the organization – Gianni Infantino has already announced that we can expect the premiere in the future FIFA 24, 25, 26 and so on. What does this mean for gamers? Greater choice of football productions and the lack of such a clear monopoly on the market. Soon football fans will have a choice of four cycles based on their favorite sports discipline. Apart from EA Sports FC and FIFA this group should include people recovering from the crisis eFootball and the upcoming free-to-play production titled UFL.

Okay, we got to know the outline of the coming years on the market, so it’s time to focus on what awaits us in a few months. On September 30, it will have its official premiere FIFA 23. Electronic Arts has recently started promoting a new game. Of course, as every year, we will have some novelties in the game. In addition to the standard “realism of football players’ movements” and other “advanced technologies” series FIFA for the first time in history, she will offer us to play with women’s club teams.

FIFA 23 is finally promoted by the duo Kylian Mbappé and Kerr himself. The Australian has thus become the first woman to appear on the global cover of the iconic football series. Of course, this is not a random move – EA Sports wants to increase interest in women’s footballalso in a virtual version.

… the statistics are brutal – players don’t use women’s teams

... the statistics are brutal - players don't use women's teams

The fair sex for the first time in a series of games FIFA appeared already in 2015. At that time, several women’s national teams (Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico) entered the game with the note “16”. Of course, this was a huge novelty, and the players, if only out of curiosity, decided to play a few games with female football stars.

Then followed the premieres FIFA 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22. In each of these games, we were also able to play matches with women’s national teams, but players clearly did not take advantage of this opportunity. They talk about it pure statistics. According to the calculations of the website TheGamer only a few percent of players around the world have unlocked achieving “passion” in FIFA 22. To get such a trophy, you need to play at least one full match with the women’s national team. The statistics broken down into individual platforms are as follows:

  • Xbox Gamers – 3.3%
  • PlayStation Players – 4.3% (PSN Profiles)
  • PC gamers – 3.9% (Steam)

It’s easy to count that of the total number of players, the achievement was unlocked by only 3.83% of accounts! Are you curious about the situation in our country? The easiest way to check this issue is to go to the largest community of the series FIFA on the Polish Internet, i.e. the Kartomania profile. Recently, a survey was conducted on the local group, in which players were asked how many games they had played with women’s teams in FIFA 22.

The answer “0” was selected by as many as 87% of the respondents. Of course, by no means This is not a scientific study, but the following results can be confidently considered to be close to the truth. It is also worth noting that as many as 7.4 thousand players took part in the survey.

The conclusions from official statistics and those conducted in much looser conditions are quite clear – series community FIFA he is not very interested in football performed by the fair sex. Everything indicates that Electronic Arts also noticed this after a few years.

Make Sam Kerr the cover star FIFA 23 and the introduction to the resource of women’s club teams is enough clear signal. Additionally, for the first time in history, the game will feature a special content dedicated to the Women’s World Cup. So far, this type of content has only been added to men’s events.

As a series player FIFA I also feel obliged to take any position on this matter. Well, I honestly have to admit that since the time of the game with the note “16” he has played one round match with the female national team. Everything indicates that it fits perfectly into the image of the average player of the series. Ehh… I don’t think that speaks very well of me. It is therefore time to finish this text.

Source: Kartomania, TheGamer, PSN Profiles