Maciej fortune-teller about the future. “The world will become like a science fiction movie”

Michał Przechera: You once said that “the system makes people idiots and madmen, because it was all instilled into a gray and very gullible individual”. This approach is almost … punk!

Maciej Skrzywek: Because the system makes people idiots. Disbelief in astrology is deliberately inculcated and reduced to a mocking form. I will ask again, but this time touching on a slightly different issue. Why is the media silent about Neptune in Pisces, which occurs until 2026 and causes a lot of mental illness or alcohol addiction?

I’m going to say something to a journalist for the first time now, so you may feel honored. The situation is getting very serious. The point is that Pluto lives for about thirty years in one zodiac sign. In 2023, that is, in a moment, he changes from Capricorn to Aquarius, this time for a little shorter, because it is 21 years old. This will maximize technology and make the world a science fiction movie.

I am totally serious about it. Humanity will use the technologies discovered at that time for the next 360 years. It is worth knowing that also in 2026 Uranus passes into the sign of Gemini and, according to astrologers, even flying cars may appear in the world. Probably a lot of people are laughing at this point, but trust me. The coming years will bring an amazing technological breakthrough – so what we have now is nothing.

It sounds intriguing. Do you know what exactly we can expect?

The robot is already delivering food or making hot dogs in fast food chain stores. It is not about making consumers happy, but about performing a very dangerous test. Elon Musk said – and it’s worth listening to the richest man in the world – that the development of artificial intelligence is dangerous for humanity, because the vast majority of jobs can be performed by artificial intelligence.

Some people laugh, believing that it doesn’t affect them. They may be surprised because artificial intelligence will dominate globally. Even self-service checkouts are the result of this technology. In the Age of Aquarius, the world is to be dominated by electronics. It is a long-term process. People get used to, accept and willingly use these facilities. But my observation is that this is an apparent convenience that will eventually become a curse for mankind.

What could this enticing curse be?

Do you remember the first cell phones? Regardless of their size, they were usually anonymous – we went to the kiosk, bought a card and could make calls. Today, everything has to be recorded and you must provide your full data at the very beginning. We also witnessed the rise and development of the Internet – in the founding of an enclave of freedom. Now it is ruled by cookies, we are under surveillance and overheard by applications that catch keywords from the content of our conversations … The iPhone opens “to the face” – we stop being anonymous and surrender to technology. And the Age of Aquarius is just beginning …

Can you explain the details of the Age of Aquarius a bit?

Professionally speaking, tarot is very “fishy” – I mean the sign of Pisces specifically. Until December 21, 2020, the Age of Pisces lasted two thousand years, in which Christianity developed – Jesus himself was called a fish. Pisces in astrology is associated with faith, spirituality and religion, but also with fantasy and imagination. According to astrologers, their field is aquatic – the Age of Aquarius will also last for 2,000 years.

We are an interesting and proud generation, or at least we should be. Aquarius is also related to science. Please see what a contradiction this is when we look at the withdrawal of astrology from the university due to its unscientific nature … Meanwhile, in astrology – very constructive – it is impossible to drift away. Based on the appropriate calculations, you can not combine, as in the case of tarot. And do you know what Saturn means in Aquarius?

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you when I re-admit to being an astrological dilettante …

Saturn stays in one zodiac sign for about three years. When that happened three decades ago before, the world got wired and the Internet became global. We enjoyed it? Of course, because thanks to this we were able to contact the family, reach out to information, flirt or shop without leaving home. Aquarius means modernity, the highest technologies, electronics – everything that scientists have discovered.

Saturn means regime – it is a planet of limitations and constraints. There may be new, even dangerous, things imposed on the masses of people. There is a lot to show off – just to mention robotics and artificial intelligence, which was announced by Elon Musk last year. It was laughed that chips were a conspiracy theory invented by idiots, and said would-be Twitter owner had already implanted one in his brain …

This is to restore normal functioning for the paralyzed, for example; this invention has already been tested on monkeys. However, my point is that everything produced in the energy of Aquarius is intended for the masses. This is happening gradually and has already begun towards the end of the Age of Pisces. Globalization in the Age of Aquarius is progressing at a rapid pace – the same companies operate all over the world, despite the difference of continents, we shop in similar stores. And Saturn in the sign of Aquarius imposes absolutely what is aquatic – that is, it has to do with science and unknown technology. The public is happy, but does not know that it is falling into the trap of a seizing Saturn.

Not so long ago, you spoke about your departure from skepticism about believing in clairvoyance. What would you say to everyone who doesn’t believe in Tarot?

For 23 years, I would have to convince someone to do what I do? I have tons of clients and deadlines several weeks ahead. I do not have to prove my skills, and I even approach unbelievers with a certain pity. I am of the opinion that if someone keeps his feet on the ground and says that he does not believe in fortune-telling, at the same time having no idea about it – in fact his brain is washed out by the system.

With someone like that, with all due respect, there is no point in arguing – first let him reach for the book and acquire the necessary knowledge. How can you talk about seafood with someone who has never eaten shrimp? Besides, I sincerely believe that such propaganda is deliberately used so that people just don’t believe and don’t even want to delve into these spiritual teachings – just so that they can be manipulated. Because why look at the stars, or think for yourself, if you can trust journalists and politicians?

How has your popularity changed over the years? Are you still often harassed in the streets?

Persons noticeable in society become part of our lives. Almost everyone knows me on the streets. All the time I also have a lot of different proposals for interviews or performances in breakfast programs. Over the years, I didn’t get so much picky as I began to sift through them. I make a conscious selection. Recently I got an invitation from a certain television – they wanted to ask me how to be forty years old.

I laughed at them and asked why we didn’t talk about the Age of Aquarius, but just deal with nonsense like my age. (laughs) I avoid situations that are of no use to me, and I am not going to run around TV nonsense. But when I was younger – and maybe more naive – I did a lot of such productions.

Surely you don’t like being called a celebrity?

I am not and do not want to be perceived as a celebrity. Anyway, I have never considered myself to be him, and the only “celebrity” show I took part in was “Top Chef. Stars from the kitchen” – and that’s only because … I love to cook. But I was invited to, among others, “Celebrity Splash!”, “Agent” or “Big Brother VIP” – although there are probably too many VIPs there …

Recently, about fifteen times I have refused programs based on scandals, and I do not go to breakfasts. Kinga Rusin in “Dzień Dobry TVN”, where I cooked, at the sight of porcini mushrooms, asked: “what are those disgusting, rotten apples?” I do not want to engage in primitive discussions and deliberately consciously causing scandals to the public. The click-through rate is what counts, and then I get hit by internet users. Right now I’m working on my third book, I’m constantly writing esoteric articles, I’m broadcasting on Meloradie and I’m just too old for stupid stuff.

Regarding the shadows of fame … For some time there was also a lot of talk about telemarketing fakes in which your image was unlawfully used. The situation has been resolved?

This practice continues … It’s a crime. People still get text messages, and on the Internet someone wants to trick them into “free” divination. On my website I even posted a “Warning” tab, where there are ten questions about this issue, I also attach a similar annotation to posts on Facebook. The situation has eased somewhat, but it is still happening. This is the result of my popularity – if they weren’t making money on me, they wouldn’t be doing it.

You guard the boundaries of private life quite tightly. During your appearances in TV shows, you didn’t want to say too much, especially before coming out, although the interview with Wojewódzki was promoted with the words: “I like to provoke”.

When it comes to Cuba’s program, years later I would say something other than “I like to provoke”. I am honest and genuine and I hate lying people. I came out and all of Poland found out that I was gay. I also talked about violence in my family, my mother’s death; I also admitted that I had no contact with my dad, and because of my brother I wanted to hang myself. These are very painful things, but I have no problem talking about my life openly.

To end with a slightly looser thread … It’s not hard to notice that you have a lot of tattoos. What are tattoos for you?

I have only esoteric or symbolic tattoos – there are a lot of them and there will be more. I have a Sagittarius around my neck, which is not seen on TV. On my right hand I have chosen the symbol of Jupiter, which is my planetary protector. I also have the entire tarot in there, Minor and Major Arcana. On the left hand, I placed a Tarot Magician, ten celestial bodies used for astrological interpretations or … a bee sitting on a honeycomb – a tribute to my diligence.

The last tattoo from a few weeks ago is a combination of multiple cards into one of Rider Waite’s decks. I also have a rainbow that I have not shown in public, a radio and a TV set, and a smile behind my left ear – so that I can hear good news. (laughs) I have tattooed a … teddy bear above my right ankle. I started my career in Kosmika TV, which was broadcast from Berlin, and the symbol of this city is the bear. I love this symbolism, it’s my job after all. I affirm all kinds of things through tattoos and I am truly proud of them.


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