Justyna Nagłowska on keeping the fire in a marriage with Borys Szyc: “A nanny stays at home and we go to the hotel for the night”

Borys Szyc and Justyna Nagłowska Today they are considered one of the most harmonious pairs of Polish show business. It was not always so, because years ago the actor had a reputation as a common womanizer and his personal life was far from the idyll of the family. At the beginning of 2020, the couple said the sacramental “yes” and they raise a two-year-old son who often appears on Justyna’s Instagram profile.

Though today Justyna Nagłowska and Borys Szyc they talk about their marriage in superlatives, it was not always easy for them. Some time ago, in an interview with “Wysokie Obcasy”, the actor’s wife confessed that they had fought for a relationship with the help of a psychotherapist and that they had really difficult moments behind them. Despite this, they managed to overcome the adversities.

Our love was once not healthy. In therapy, I learned things about myself and learned to admit when I was wrong. It was a difficult period of opening up, talking about your needs, fears, feelings and risking getting hurt. We were about to lose it. Now we cherish it – she recalled.

Justyna Nagłowska in the memories of Magda Mołek

Justyna and Borys try to keep private matters away from the media, but – as is the case with many other couples – there are of course exceptions. Now Nagłowska has agreed to give an interview Magda Mołek as part of the “In my style” series, where she touched upon a few personal threads. Before the conversation started for good, however, Mołek mentioned it as follows:

We were sitting on claws together, there were times, I don’t have time anymore. These little rooms were small and next to me was a beautiful blonde who told you about your life that you were getting divorced or divorced and had a fantastic conversation with the judge who handled her case in the courtroom. This beautiful blonde said that she did not want alimony from her husband, despite the fact that they parted in harmony, but let her go and that she would take care of the children herself, and the judge said: “You must have fallen on your head, it is the parent’s responsibility to save these alimony and admit it. ” It was you, and it was you who let the judge convince you to do so. Was that good 15 years ago? – she said.

No, it was 10 – Nagłowska replied and continued: Now, my husband and I will have our 9th anniversary of being together. I wasn’t with my husband anymore, but I was divorcing when meeting Boris, because it motivated me to systematize it. But I wasn’t with my husband anymore, we didn’t live together, we weren’t there as a couple anymore.

Justyna Nagłowska about the marriage with Borys Szyc

Later in the conversation, Justyna did not spare her current husband compliments and admitted that she liked his sensitive side the most. She also mentioned the tender gestures of Boris.

I live with a man who is very sensitive yet very masculine and very strong and this is such a collision, you know, explosive. My husband’s sensitive side is the one I love the most, but I also love how strong he is and I love being so a little weaker and here we are constantly working out moments in which we can be, because I am also a strong grandmother and I know it. (…) I learned to ask for compliments. My husband gives me a lot of compliments, but I need even more. When I need to hear a compliment, I stand in front of him and say, “Do I look nice?”, He says, “Beautiful baby.” I thank you”. (…) My guy buys me a lot of flowers, but if I buy myself flowers, it gives me a lot of fun, it is rewarding myself – she enumerated.

Nagłowska also opened up about motherhood. The couple raise a 2-year-old son together Henrywhich is the apple of their eye.

I cannot separate them, they are similar to each other. We call our son owock, because he has mine and my husband’s qualities and is the most beautiful nectar, such honey, because we conceived him as responsible and mature people who took responsibility for their liveswho have a conscious love and a conscious relationship and this is the most beautiful thing that could happen to us – he recalls.

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How does Borys Szyc date his wife?

Another topic Justyna touched on was keeping their marriage on fire. Szyc’s wife ensures that they do not neglect any aspect of their life together.

I have no such thing that I put a child above my partner, because I need both and I am very careful with Boris to have time only for ourselves, this romantic time and this is our health and safety relationship – explain.

But what does their home dating with a toddler look like? Well, Nagłowska confessed that they sometimes leave their son with a nanny and just … go to the hotel.

We go on dates and it’s not like we agree that we go on a date once a month, we both feel … That’s how we look at each other and Boris says: “RANDKA?” And I say: “PLEASE” and for example we go out to the hotel for the night and the nanny stays at home. I know that someone will think, “er, because you can.” Yes, we can, because we also work hard to be able to – she confessed.

Yet another issue was Justyna’s identity alongside her famous husband. As she assures, today she does not mind the label of “Borys Szyc’s wife”, but at the beginning it irritated her a lot. At one point, however, she stated that it did not limit her.

For me it came out naturally, I use it on purpose, as I sign “Nagłowska” somewhere, because that’s me … On the other hand, I am the wife of Borys Szyc and this is what people say about me very often and it pissed me off and it pissed him off that I was anonymous, but at some point I was like: “And I am the wife of Borys Szyc?” I am. “Does this offend me in any way?” Not. “I like being the wife of Borys Szyc?” I love. I am totally at ease with it (…) It has not been easy to build myself up with someone like my husband, with such a career. Then there are people who accuse me: “Oh, because she has a famous husband, it’s easier for her”. And it is easier and more difficult, as with everything, but my husband does not sit in the studio with me, record podcasts, do not invent it, do not buy my listeners. This is my hard work.

A nice couple of them?

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