Jennifer Lopez shouldn’t take the name of Ben Affleck because it undermines her FEMINISM? “The woman IS MARKED as the husband’s property”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are now enjoying love on their honeymoon in Paris, causing a lot of confusion in the color press. As it turns out, not only J.Lo’s new styles and Affleck’s unexpected naps are an interesting topic for discussion here. High heels raised an issue adoption by the singer of her husband’s name. As the magazine editor says, this is it “marking a woman as her husband’s property”.

In a widely commented text, journalist Natalia Waloch loudly wonders why J.Lo was renamed Jennifer Lynn Affleck. The author recalls the dark past of the patriarchy.

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The narrative for millennia has been that a woman, a being less intelligent than a man and tormented by strong emotions, simply cannot vote, dispose of money or co-decide about how the state or society is arranged. As such, then she needs a guardian, a protector who will guide her so that the poor woman does not go astray when her wandering and hysterical uterus tries to lead her to the wrong path – we read.

Next, the author of the text makes a very risky thesis. We learn that through a symbolic gesture, Lopez somehow diminished her achievements from before her marriage with Affleck.

She built herself through talent and work, but in the end it somehow nullifies or at least reduces it by taking her husband’s surname.

Text High heels was ambiguously received by readers. Most criticisms could be found on the magazine’s Facebook fanpage.

Few of these little manifestations of feminism irritate me as much as custom generalizing and imposing on women the interpretation of their actions and emotions related to it. And in addition, extending them to the entire social group. Let each of us do what we see fit. Especially when it comes to your own name. I really would prefer someone on my behalf to fight for equal wages rather than having nonsense theoretical disputes for me. I will decide myself about my name and whether she wants to be called a politician or a politician. I don’t need anyone’s opinion for this, neither a man nor a woman;

Okay wait a minute, but she had a choice as to what she did as well. What’s the problem, because this derogatory patriarchy and enslavement is a bit far-fetched in this case, I guess?

I love this tradition, and I am annoyed by this modern feminism in a matter as ridiculous as changing a name. You don’t want to, don’t change it. There is a choice and great! She did as she wanted – we read in the comments section under the post promoting the controversial article.

Do you understand what’s all the fuss about?

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Now it’s the people who have to comment on everything. She wanted her husband’s surname, she adopted it, for me it is normal. When I get married, I will also take my husband’s surname because he wants and because it is nice that everyone, including the children, has the same name

I would only like to have problems that feminists have. Well, unfortunately, I can only dream.

Lopez is a brand that she has worked for her whole life

She is an adult and can do whatever she wants. We have nothing to do with it. Everyone decides for himself

I am glad that after a few years of rudely imposing feminist ideas on society, people finally have the courage to oppose it. I took my husband’s surname, because I love him very much, because it is a beautiful tradition to have the same surname (and our children too), and recently I filed complaints in the store, my grandmother told me that my name is nice 🙂 and this is the name of my terrible, masculine , chauvinistic husband xd So feminists get serious, normal women have no problem with EVERYTHING (just like you)

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Well, she did what she wanted. Who needs it ?!

J.Af is not a Latin feminist, who sucked macho “culture” with her mother’s milk 🙂 And Ben is her obsession.

After getting married, my husband took his two-part surname + mine, because he thinks it sounds good together. I stayed with my single one. We are still discussing whether the future child will have only mine, or maybe a two-membered one. People are surprised too, but who cares? It suits us so well, and no one has anything to do with it.

And only a confident and self-confident woman like j.lo can do it✌️

Because it’s weird …. some women don’t have the honor at all when they decide to change their names

I don’t understand it either. The wife and husband should have a double surname, the children the same, or each one stays with his or her own surname and the children have a double surname.

If she did it because she wanted to, and not “because that’s how it should be”, that’s fine. Affleck and they got back together after a long time, maybe this change of name emphasizes that they are a family after all. I just don’t like this habit – it’s a bit like a loss of identity for me. But everyone has the right to feel their own way.

and feminists, who do they have their surname after? after their father or mother?

And I do not understand women who change their surname when their husband has an uglier or even embarrassing surname.

Taking a different name changes the energy and sometimes the fate of a given person. Certainly it is some change, whether for better or worse it turns out later, but it is important in numerology.

And I do not understand women who change their surname when their husband has an uglier or even embarrassing surname.

If I have my husband’s last name, does this lady tell me I belong to him? Good🤣

And for me, the biggest embarrassment is the two-part surname. I will keep my maiden name, I will add after my husband, so that everyone will know whose daughter I am.

Any woman can take her husband’s surname or stay with her father’s surname. Doesn’t that undermine feminism and make her the property of her father? That there are also no major problems in the world. ..