He played for “Smolensk”, his wife is a PiS MP. The team of the Jaracz Theater protests against the new director

The case was publicized by the Lodz “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Michał Chorosiński is a graduate of the State Higher Theater School. Ludwik Solski in Krakow. He played in theaters in Kalisz, Wrocław, Nowa Huta and Jelenia Góra. He may be known to the audience for his role in the series “M jak milosc”, in which from 2004 to 2009 he appeared alongside his wife, Dominika Figurska. He made episodes in such soap operas and series as “Klan”, “Na dobre i na bad”, “Na Wspólnej”, “Przyjaciółki”. He played the general’s driver in “Smolensk”. But the greatest recognition brought him the role of Mariusz in the paradocument “Lombard. Life under pledge”, broadcast by TV Puls.

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Husband of a PiS deputy deputy director of the Jaracz Theater

In 2010, Chorosiński belonged to the Warsaw social committee supporting the candidacy of Jarosław Kaczyński in the presidential election. He and his wife were later ambassadors of the Krakow “World Youth Day” organized in 2016. The fact that he became the deputy director of the Jaracza Theater in Łódź was announced in the middle of summer holidays in 2022.

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The chairman of acting trade unions at the Jaracza Theater, Mariusz Siudziński, in an interview with the Łódź-based “Gazeta Wyborcza”, emphasizes that the Marshal’s Office appointed a new director despite the staunch opposition of the theater company:

We have repeatedly asked for our arguments to be taken into account and made our own proposals. The Marshal’s Office did not accept any of them. We interpret this decision as a forceful solution. As usual, the resolution was adopted during the holidays, when employees are on vacation. (…) We believe that he does not have the appropriate competences and experience in running an institution with 135 years of tradition. It is well known that Chorosiński appeared among the directors’ proposals because he is the husband of a prominent PiS MP, Dominika Figurska.

The team – aware that the Marshal’s Office would like to appoint someone with conservative views – proposed Andrzej Mastelarz. – His first question was “does the band want this?” He is an artist of great caliber, a very good actor, awarded many times. For several years associated with the Jaracza Theater, he made his debut here – says Siudziński. And he adds that Chorosiński ignored the band: he did not even try to convince anyone, he did not propose any meeting.

In an open letter published before the announcement of this decision, the artistic team said that neither he nor Waldemar Drozd (head of the Łódź Cultural Center) were fit to work in their theater. In an open letter, the team clearly emphasized that “such a disposition of the Office will allow to interfere in artistic matters by impoverishing and politicizing the repertoire and influencing the selection of producers, and this will lead to the complete degradation of the Stefan Jaracz Theater in Łódź. one of the most important and meritorious Polish artistic institutions “.

“Our request to send the case to the Spokesman for Public Finance Discipline was ignored, the opinions of the community and relevant associations were not listened to. Consequences disproportionate to the allegations were applied. We lost the Director-Artist, who for thirty years had been a guarantor of full professionalism and the highest artistic level,” they wrote. Let us remind you – at the beginning of the lockdown, Waldemar Zawodziński, the director of the facility for many years, was dismissed.

The affair on the Theater of Jaracz. Employees: Think about it before it’s too late

The competition for his position was announced in 2020, but according to the artists of the Łódź scene, the Marshal’s Office specifically “lowered its level with the bizarre requirement of a one-year economic activity in culture.” This requirement was included in the conditions for a reason, because “it clearly indicated only one aspiring director – Michał Chorosiński, the husband of a PiS deputy – candidate of the Marshal’s Office.”

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Moreover, due to difficulties in cooperation with the office, Marcin Hycnar resigned from the position of director after a year and a half. “It was not the first time that the Office decided to disrupt the work of the Theater, to expose us to fear and anxiety,” commented the actors in an open letter. Now the duties of the director are performed by Małgorzata Kowalska. Interestingly, Chorosiński was theoretically appointed for the position for only two months, because the competition for the position of director is to be resolved in September. According to the report of the head of the trade unions, the theater employees received information that the husband of a PiS MP has taken up the position because director Kowalska needs a deputy during his holiday absence. “But it could have been a deputy for administrative matters, and not a key position in the theater right away,” says Siudziński.

The Association of Theater Directors also opposes this decision. On its Facebook profile, the union emphasized that “it remains on the position that the statutory provisions on appointing employees of an artistic institution other than the director are inconsistent with the applicable law.”