Harvey Weinstein: The author of the Weinstein book reveals unknown facts

In his latest book, Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence, author Ken Aulett has attempted to portray one of the world’s most powerful film producers and, as the victims described him, the most disgusting figure in the entertainment industry.

Weinstein’s misdeeds could not and were not a secret. As the author of the book about the producer, Ken Auletta, recalled in an interview with Fox News, as early as 2002, as a journalist working for the New Yorker, he confronted Weinstein over allegations of rape. He admitted that the first impression the producer made on him was peculiar, he associated him with the beast.

The American writer and journalist mentions that he was on the verge of revealing the truth about Weinstein, but he was unable to convince any of his victims to talk, and the accused himself successfully denied these allegations. It wasn’t until fifteen years later that the journalists of the New York Times and the New Yorker discovered the truth about him. But Auletta still felt unsatisfied, thoughts and questions were still swirling in his head, for which he was trying to find an answer.

And so was the book, “Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence”, in which the author reached out to relatives, associates and victims of the producer, and exchanged e-mails with the convict. Their stories would enable him to answer questions such as: What made Harvey become a monster? How did he get away with it for years? Didn’t people know he had molested women? Why were they silent? “I wanted to investigate what happened at Harvey’s house that helped shape what he had become,” the author recalled in an interview with Fox.

Jessica Mann’s testimony is particularly repulsive and very detailed. In a court in Manhattan, the actress presented her contacts with the producer in a very vivid way. Without avoiding very drastic details, she told about what his body – deformed in places – looked like.

This gave rise to another of the questions that swirled in the author’s mind – how a man who was not objectively physically attractive felt that he was attractive, that he was “a gift from God, almost don Juan.”

Auletta surmises that the crux of the producer’s childhood was. As he grew up, Weinstein’s dominant mother, Miriam, was to constantly scream and embarrass her son in front of her friends. Her criticism often focused on his body.

“I found no evidence that he raped women in his early years. I think it happened after he became powerful. But people would say he was a copy of his mother. His friends were reluctant to visit him at home because Miriam was always there. she screamed, she wanted constant control, which she was enforcing by screaming. It was a pattern that Harvey copied when he started his production company … He was constantly bullying people verbally “- describes the author.

When asked why so many victims remained silent for so many years about what was happening behind the scenes of the film industry, the writer admitted the answer was obvious – people were simply afraid of a powerful producer who could destroy their lives in no time, they feared retaliate.

“He had tremendous influence. He wanted to pay some women for silence, the ones who signed the nondisclosure agreement could not tell anyone. After all, he had no empathy, no sympathy, so how was he to understand what he was doing to these women. His brother Bob admitted. that he knew Harvey was addicted to sex, he did not know that he was raping, “the writer reveals. He added that, in search of the truth about Weinstein, he contacted the producer himself, who is serving a 23-year sentence in a Wende prison in Alden, New York.

“I must have sent 25 e-mails to him. The question I most wanted to answer was: Harvey, how did you explain what you were doing? He didn’t answer. She wanted something from me, a role, a position in Hollywood, I wanted something from her – sex. It was a fair exchange + “- the writer speculates, adding that he hopes that his latest publication will reveal to the readers the true image of this man

“He is both a great monster and a great talent, a madman and an extremely powerful man. I hope readers will understand why his behavior was tolerated and normalized,” he added.