– Schneider Electric has launched the eDesign web application for electricians

The eDesign application helps to quickly design customized configurations as per customer specifications and based on real-time product availability, so concrete offers can be sent to them in a very short time.

Moreover, once a project has been created, with all the updated links from the Schneider product catalogs, it can be saved and used as such, for similar homes, or adapted according to needs, for homes with different compartments.

“Many of the classic apartments built in Romania are similar in surface, compartmentalization and electrical requirements,” explains Victor Donici, Customer Software Specialist, Schneider Electric Romania.

“Moreover, with similar surfaces and number of rooms, usually the need for ultra-terminal equipment and electrical panel is almost identical. This means that many of the projects can be very easily turned into concrete offers or adapted to respond to customers in a few minutes. For them, who have large renovation or construction projects to manage, especially the quick budgeting part is extremely important and can be decisive for choosing an electrician’s offer. Extrapolating, it is also extremely useful for a developer to find out very quickly what would be the necessary budget for a few dozen apartments, in a residential building or in a residential complex.”

The main benefits of the eDesign application are as follows:

Time saved – With an intuitive interface and easy-to-follow steps for setting up the home plan, eDesign is a complete solution for electrical panel and ultra-terminal apparatus;
Automatically generated documentation – Bill of quantities, monofilament diagram, identification labels and commercial offer, all of which are automatically generated for much easier transmission to the company’s distributors or customers;
Frontal view of the panel – The application allows viewing the final configuration of the panel to decide the ideal position of the apparatus and to optimize the available space;
Access from anywhere – Projects can be saved in the cloud much more simply and efficiently and accessed from anywhere, being used as a starting point for other future projects.

Also, the app has two modes included: assisted mode and manual mode.

The feature called “Assisted Mode” makes the list of products instantly available to users. Furthermore, this list is updated and available at every step during setup, providing predefined options for different types of homes and rooms. They are based on the housing typologies most frequently encountered in Romania.

“At Schneider Electric we emphasize efficiency, safety and ease of use, and eDesign highlights these aspects. It’s like having access to multiple catalogs to help you choose and configure your switchgear and switchboard. This app is designed to provide all product information stored in one place to make it much easier to access. And regarding the configuration process of the electrical panel, the application offers a realistic visualization of the panel, as it will be assembled,” says Victor Donici, Customer Software Specialist, Schneider Electric Romania.

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