Dominika Chorosińska’s husband became the deputy director of the Łódź theater. Employees do not hide their indignation: “He was elected because he is the husband of a PiS MEP”

Dominika Chorosińska entered Polish show business as an actress and was once best known for her role as Ewa in “M like love”. A few years later, the celebrity also appeared in the famous “Smolensk”, which IMDb users hailed last year the worst movie in the world. With time, Chorosińska felt the need to change her professional path and she wanted to conquer the world of politics. A few years ago, the celebrity won mandate of the PiS councilor in the elections to the Sejmik of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, later she even ran in the elections to the European Parliament. Ultimately, it failed to win the favor of voters. In the end, Chorosińska decided to run for the Seym and today proudly defends traditional values ​​as a member of the Law and Justice party.

Privately Dominika Chorosińska she has been a wife for years Michał Chorosiński, with whom she lived six kids. Recently, the husband of a celebrity / MP has become famous in the media, all due to his professional activities. It turns out that the actor has just been appointed deputy artistic director of the Jaracz Theater in Łódź by the Board of the Lodzkie Voivodship. The news about Chorosiński’s engagement has already received a lot of attention among the actors associated with the institution – who unfortunately they did not react to it with particular enthusiasm.

According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Chorosiński was elected the new deputy director of the theater in Łódź met with stiff opposition from its employees. Representatives of the local acting trade union believe that the husband of a PiS MP does not have the appropriate competences, to run an institution with a long tradition. Not only that, they also believe that he received the position thanks to the political activities of his wife.

“GW” in Łódź had the opportunity to talk to the chairman of acting trade unions at the Jaracza Theater, Mariusz Siudziński. The actor revealed to the daily that trade unionists had submitted their own proposals for candidates for deputy art director to the marshal’s office and repeatedly called for their arguments to be taken into account when filling the position. Despite “firm opposition” of the theater staff, the office rejected their candidates and finally entrusted the position to Chorosiński.

In an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Siudziński openly admitted that trade unionists perceive this decision as “power solution”. He also noted that the election of a new deputy director occurred during the holiday season, when the employees of the facility are on vacation.

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Chorosiński has been fulfilling himself as an actor for years. After finish State Higher School of Theater in Łódź he appeared in productions such as “M like love” (where he played alongside his wife), “Lombard. Life against collateral”, “Smolensk”, and recently even in the movie “Gierek “. He was also associated with theaters, including in Wrocław or Jelenia Góra. It turns out that the husband of Dominika Chorosińska he had previously applied for the position of director at the Jaracz Theater – starting in the competition in 2020. At that time, Mariusz Grzegorzek, Adam Sroka, Jerzy Lach, Konrad Szczebiot and Gabriel Gietzky competed for the job. Ultimately However, the plebiscite was not resolved.

As Siudziński emphasized in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, members of the trade union of the Łódź theater “firmly rejected” Chorosiński’s candidacy and they still stick to their opinion.

We believe that he does not have the appropriate competences and experience in running an institution with 135 years of tradition. It is well known that Chorosiński appeared among the directors’ proposals because he is the husband of a prominent PiS MP – Siudziński said in an interview with the Lodz “GW”.

Interestingly, Chorosiński is said to be well aware of the opposition of theater actors to his election as deputy artistic director. After all, as Siudziński claims, the husband of a PiS deputy he did not even try to win the sympathy of the employees and didn’t offer them a meeting. He was supposed to show a completely different attitude candidate proposed by trade unionists, actor Andrzej Mastalerz, who was associated with the Jaracz Theater for several years.

[Chorosiński – przyp. red.] He just ignored us, and who wants to be the unwanted director? Knowing that the government wants to appoint someone with conservative views to this position, we proposed Andrzej Mastalerz, and his first question was: “does the band want this?”. He is an artist of great caliber, a very good actor, awarded many times (…) – Siudziński explained to “Gazeta Wyborcza”

As reported by “GW”, Chorosiński will be subordinate to Małgorzata Kowalska – who acts as the director of the facility. Previously, he managed the theater Marcin Hycnar, in February this year, an actor however, he resigned.

According to Siudziński, a competition for the new director of the facility is planned for September. If it comes to fruition, it is possible that Chorosiński will only be in office for two months. This fact made trade unionists wonder, who found the whole situation “absurd”. As Siudziński revealed in an interview with “Wyborcza”, the actors heard, however, that the current director of the theater needs a deputy in the event of a holiday absence.

Did you expect Dominika Chorosińska’s husband to become the deputy director of the theater?

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A member of parliament spends over 33,000 zlotys on fuel from our taxes every month

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This is so hypocritical that it burns your eyes. I have always been faithful to my husband and I have my principles, I do not care about others, but how does such a woman have the right to talk to me about family values? Since at the outset I had more brains not to leave my family, it’s obvious that this is also the case now … and I don’t need a convert as a politician.

Today there are no real actors anymore, they are just starters

let him make a few more kids, maybe there will be someone else in the Seym

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I understand that the director is associated with the PO, so the deputy must also bark otherwise ????

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If he were a member of the PO, he would have competences like that of the “modern” one that financially ruined the theater in the name of art. Of course, the appointments are related, but they are bothered when they choose not their own

The dude must have terrible complexes. Not only did he accept a woman who cheated on him and became pregnant with another woman with open arms, it seems that he does not mind that his Wife got him a job. Well, I simply have no respect for such people

already one of her husband with M jak miłość once became the director of the theater from PiS’s broadcasting and she was also a chry

She and her husband do not have six children, she faithfully gave to the right and left to all needy men, also children of different kinds, and the husband accepted it and now instead of a medal for supporting his wife’s behavior, and a gentleman like Marta Kaczyńska, he got a job.