Crimean miss about her photo in the movie “Girls from Dubai”: “It offends me”

Anna Sapiega is a Crimean Miss from 2015. When the model saw her image in Polish film, she decided to publicize the matter online.

She emphasized that she had nothing to do with the production and that she had never been an “escort”. She found out about her “role” when friends started sending her screenshots.

“I am a family person and it offends me. While other girls have one photo each, I have taken three at a time. And it is my photos that were commented on by the heroes: ‘Good girl, she looks good'” – he emphasizes in an interview from Crimea-News.

Miss’s photos appear in the production when her heroines browse women’s portfolios on the Internet.

“Girls from Dubai” appeared in Russian distribution on May 26 under the title “Escorts”. Recall that production during its first week of screening, it was the second most watched film in Moscow cinemas.

The photos used in the film come from the “Miss Crimea” and “Beauty of Crimea” competitions (2014 and 2015). The model was then 18 and 19 years old.

Anna Sapiega does not want to reveal the name of the photographer who took it. However, she claims that the author of the photos placed them in a public database, from which they were then bought by the filmmakers without asking her for permission.

“I contacted her and admitted that she sold the photos to the base. She argued that she had not been paid, and that is why she earns money on the photos this way” – says Sapiega. “She was also surprised by this situation. When she put my photos up for sale, there was a contract in which it says that the client cannot use the photos in a format that offends the honor and dignity of the model” – she added.

“I understand that these photos cannot be removed from the film – it was released both in cinemas and on all platforms. But this is a violation of my rights! I believe that I should be compensated,” Anna Sapega assured in an interview with Crimea-News.

The former miss also claims that she has already made an attempt to contact the filmmakers, but received no reply. The woman turned to lawyers for help in this matter.

Beautiful women, trips on luxury yachts and crazy parties with the most expensive champagne. It has been said for many years about young Polish women, celebrities and models going to foreign resorts in order to earn money by providing entertainment and companionship to rich men. The film was inspired by the events described in the book by Piotr Krysiak “Dubai Girls”.

“I felt the subject of the film here. A bit for business reasons, because I saw how much of Poland was interested in this topic, but also for missionary reasons” – said the producer of the film, Dorota “Doda” Rabczewska.

Doda emphasized that its main goal was to make women reflect on their own lives.

The main character – Emi (Paulina Gałązka) – is a young, ambitious girl who has been dreaming about a big world for years. Whenever the opportunity arises, she jumps into its modes without hesitation, becoming an exclusive escort. Soon it is she who, at the invitation of Arab sheikhs, begins to recruit Polish misses, celebrities, screen stars and models. For many of them, sex for big money becomes everyday life. However, this inaccessible, luxurious world will soon show its dark side …

Based on real events, they are to – according to the distributor – expose the hypocrisy of Polish show business and reveal the whole truth about the so-called “Dubai scandal”, in which were involved both celebrities and models, as well as many famous figures from the world of politics, business and sports.

This production was the leader of the Polish box office in 2021. The picture directed by Maria Sadowska was watched by over a million viewers in Polish cinemas.

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