Agnieszka Kaczorowska gave her daughter an EXHIBLE 3rd birthday party: coloring books, “sea” snacks and smoking decorations (PHOTOS)

Agnieszka Kaczorowska many years ago, she appeared on the fringes of show business thanks to her role Bożenki from “Klan”which continues with her until today. Since then, the interested person has realized herself as an actress, dancer, and now also as a versatile influencer who reports on her everyday life online. The reactions to her efforts to become an insta-star, however, vary.

Until recently on the profile Agnieszka Kaczorowska there was a discussion about her “professional” approach to family vacations, for which she took a photographer and make-up artist. It is no secret that the dancer and her husband- Maciej Pela – they build popularity precisely by showing privacy on the Internet, which, however, not everyone understands. It was then that she also advised critics to “opened their head”.

Agnieszka Kaczorowska gave her daughter a fairy-tale birthday

Fortunately, less extreme emotions were aroused by the report from the third birthday of the couple’s daughter, who was posted on their profiles on Tuesday. The recording shows how the celebrity celebrates her big day with little Emi, for which she has prepared a lot of attractions. There was no shortage coloring books, fancy treats with a “sea” theme, or even smoking decorations. The highlight of the event was the multi-tiered cake.

Today our Emi celebrates her 3rd birthday. When I asked her what kind of birthday party she would like to have, she started talking mainly about crabs, and then also about turtles, octopus and jellyfish. Well, we invited all its guests to the world of the ocean … There was family, friends, friends from the kindergarten … and lots of attractions – she wrote.

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A lot of guests actually showed up, because not only the fancy scenery was captured, but also the moment when Agnieszka’s daughter and her friends grab crayons and sweat their brow on a large coloring book. After the celebrity and her beloved ended their relationship with the event and fulfilled all the markings in the post, they also officially greeted her at the end.

Emi, be always so resolute, smart and cute! Be healthy and happy! Have fun, learn, develop beautifully! And we will always be close … to you – we read.

Agnieszka Kaczorowska reveals how her daughter reacted to the birthday party

If, however, you were curious how the birthday girl herself reacted to the “sea” birthday, Agnieszka thought about everything and asked any questions in the same post. As she claims, she was most delighted with the presence of all the friends she invited that day.

When I wanted to know how she liked it … with excitement and sparkling in her eyes she replied before going to sleep: “They were all there!” – ensure.

In the summary of the birthday post, she also wrote a few words to her child.

I wish us and her, with all my heart, that there are always people who love her and whom she loves she finished with a positive accent.

See how they had fun. Are you impressed?

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And of course a sweet session full of artificial icing, so a mannequin in a shopping mall. Groom —— nobody buys it !!!!

Why this slice of cheese on top of the cake?

I wonder how many times she was filmed this way so that a good shot would be ……. And I can already see how a NOT COOPERATING company came up with a theme and artificial-looking food for free advertising 🤯🫣🫢

The best … wonderful, great, beautiful, great knowledge and stuff … I probably missed something

I think it is unfair that in Poland a hairdresser earns more than a teacher.

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Mercy 🤦‍♀️ …

8 min. ago

THEIR WHOLE LIFE IS SPONSORING. I wonder if I even buy my panties alone or get them …..

I don’t like it somehow, it is terribly wooden.

supcio. I love organizing parties and if I had so much money I would give even more attractions hehehe cuuute

the little girl was colorful in the photos and the guests were great and great

This party was for a mother, not a daughter.

Then she is surprised that she is being ridiculed …. Let such things keep for herself and her family. Who cares about her daughter’s birthday ….

And I like to look at happy people, the more there are, the better the world. I am not offended by wealth if I can afford someone. After all, there is money for this, we will not take it to the grave.

A piece of cheese on the cake? You can? You can see.

Whatever she prepared herself, or everything to order?

And you know that this place was created by a woman who was the godmother of the owner’s daughter? They were supposed to run it together, but as soon as the renovation was over, she ceased to be both a friend and a godmother. He still owes her a staggering sum. So all these stars talking about the energy of the world should think about who they are accepting the free space from. Because the world is really energetic.

Pudelek removes comments that are NOT HITTING

Agnieszka vel Bożenko, maybe less of these boasts and artificial bloat. Soon there will be a lament that hate is flooding you. Do not flood Instagram with painfully exaggerated image, and you will avoid it. : If a fool could fly, a sweet fool would float up like a dove.