Agata and Piotr Rubik are reporting a family vacation in Hawaii. Prices for food and sunbeds are falling off your feet

Agata and Piotr Rubik, like many of their famous friends, have just gone on a holiday abroad. The celebrity couple chose the United States as their destination and began their trip with a visit to San Francisco. Now they are in Hawaii, enjoying the sun and local attractions.

Agata Rubik From the very beginning, her husband and her report the family trip on Instagram, where they can count on the applause of a large crowd of fans. So far, they have already shown how they relax by the water and spend time with their daughters on one of the beaches, but of course, there are many more attractions that they provide during their stay in the USA.

Agata and Piotr Rubik are relaxing in Hawaii

Nobody has any doubts that a trip to Hawaii is not the cheapest one, and this is just the beginning of possible expenses. In the meantime, Piotr and his wife organized short Q&A sessions on their Instagram profiles, where they revealed, among others, the cost of the sunbeds themselveswhere they lounged on the local beach. At the same time, the celebrity expressed surprise that people reserve them and then do not use them.

All beaches in Hawaii are public. Our hotel has a partnership with one of Waikiki’s oldest sunbed rentals. The set costs $ 66 a day and must be booked well in advance. There is hardly anyone except us. I do not understand people who pay for something and do not use it, but … “who will forbid the rich”. We start aging at 8:00 am and finish as one of the last – Agata wrote.

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Rubik’s “horror receipt”

This is not the end, because the Rubiks made money in the States your own “horror receipt”about which portals in the country are already writing. At Instastories, the celebrity informed the followers that she and her family went for a meal and – no surprise here – it was not cheap at all. Agata and Piotr bought their daughter an omelette with ham and cheese, for which they had to pay almost $ 18, or about PLN 80.

Ala doesn’t like too many things, today I managed to arrange an omelette with ham and cheese with her – she wrote.

Reports of the “Rubiks’ horror receipt” finally reached those interested, who commented on them while on the beach. Agata showed how Piotr came across an article about them while browsing the news from the country. She added a short comment to the matter.

The cucumber season is in full swing she said with a smile.

Agata Rubik answers the question why she and her husband fly to Hawaii so often

It is worth mentioning that Rubiks’ American vacation is their second trip to the USA this year only. Until recently, Agata had to deal with questions about “why do they fly to Hawaii so often”.

How often? Only the second time this year She replied clearly amused.

See how they are resting now.

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18 dollars is for them like 18 zlotys. And they brazenly asked people in the pandemic for money … No words. Shame and disgrace. Put on your socks, because crash and poverty are preparing. Aaaa … I’m sorry. You prefer asking from people.

When will Piotr set up a fundraiser for a CD release? After returning from vacation?


3 hours ago

I don’t even know how to comment on it – go to Hawaii and complain about the prices 🤦‍♀️ It’s like going to Balenciaga and talking expensive.

Take a screenshot for your next trip

Only those were missing!

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That is why I am a fan of the life that you can actually afford. Currently, I cannot afford a holiday with sunbeds abroad, because we bought a car and renovated a flat from 0, so now I prefer to spend a week to the fullest in the Tatra Mountains, enjoying most of the available attractions than going to, for example, Majorca and crying over every euro. I will go when there is enough money on my account that I won’t have to cry.

May you not groan later and go to the request as other celebrities do

Come on, people have no brakes and no shame! For the third time I go to Hawaii, one of the most expensive destinations in the world and dare to linger, where Poles and the world are facing a crisis, where the war empties thousands of people !!!! Maybe 5% of Americans can afford Hawaii! What cheeky people

Onion. Girl get to work.

Agata do you remember when you got wet in the program? Hicior

What is $ 18 in Hawaii is 10 zlotys in Poland, let them not squeeze a laugh

Honestly, I wouldn’t give a picture of my daughter in a bathing suit on Facebook or Insta. Too many perverts sitting in front of computers, and for me, my daughter’s safety and privacy is paramount. It is a pity that money is what counts for some. I don’t have social media and I don’t share my life because I know people are envious and jealous. I don’t have to heal my complexes in the internet and listen to the flattery of strangers, I have a great life and I don’t want anyone to interfere with them and spoil them out of jealousy

prices rather for richer Americans, the Polish higher class must for Zanzybar

Embarrassing, boring park with big complexes (

There is nothing like going to the other end of the world to lie on a deckchair for days, because you paid for it 😀

I do not know how to comment on it, here I am crying about the poor and they do not have money and they do collections and now they praise the right and left. Shame. Brazen

Life vacuumers. For show, because without an account it wouldn’t count.

she looks more and more like him in her face, and he surprised me a lot