What to watch on Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video on the weekend of June 10-12, 2022

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June 10, 2022, 10:30

author: Edyta Jastrzębska

Peaky Blinders are back on the screens. But this weekend can also be spent on many other productions, such as Irma Vep and Don’t Breathe 2. Check out this week’s news.

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This week, the long-awaited sixth season of the Birmingham gang blockbuster has arrived on VoD. A series that can be described as a remake in a remake also debuted – a story about the creation of a new version of the classic of French silent cinema. Another novelty is the film with Adam Sandler, in which the actor plays an unlucky hunter of basketball talents, and the second season of the animated series about a group of friends who strive for fame. There is also a sequel to the movie about a blind man who is not as vulnerable as you might think. Check out what’s new on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video over the weekend of June 10-12, 2022.

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Peaky Blinders: Season 6 – Netflix

  1. What is it: the final season of the series about the Birmingham gang led by Thomas Shelby
  2. Since when available on the platform: 10th of June
  3. Release year: 2013

Four years have passed since the tragedy that befell Shelby. Tommy travels to North America, where the end of prohibition brings new opportunities. However, he faces a new danger from an old opponent who finally makes his move.

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Watch the Peaky Blinders series on Netflix

Irma Vep – HBO Max

  1. What is it: remake in a remake in which the main character comes to Paris to star in a new version of a classic French movie
  2. Since when available on the platform: June 7
  3. Release year: 2022

Mira is an American movie star disappointed with her career and her recent breakup. Comes to France to play Irma Vep in a remake of a French silent film classic – Vampires. Sensing the atmosphere of a gloomy crime thriller, it becomes more and more difficult for Mira to distinguish the character she plays from herself.

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Watch the Irma Vep series on HBO Max

Hustle – Netflix

  1. What is it: a film in which Adam Sandler plays an unlucky basketball talent seeker
  2. Since when available on the platform: June 8
  3. Release year: 2022

After he is fired, American basketball talent scout Stanley Beren feels the excitement for the first time in a very long time when he encounters Spanish amateur basketball player Bo Cruz playing in a Madrid park.. Driven by the new goal of preparing Bo for the NBA, Stanley takes action, believing both of them can succeed.

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Watch the Life Throw movie on Netflix

Don’t Breathe 2 – HBO Max

  1. What is it: sequel to the 2016 movie in which we learn the rest of Norman’s story
  2. Since when available on the platform: June 12
  3. Release year: 2021

Hiding for years in an isolated hut, Norman Nordstrom took in and raised a young girl, orphaned after a house fire. Their quiet existence is destroyed when a group of kidnappers show up and take the girl, forcing Norman to leave the safe haven.

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The movie Don’t Breathe 2 can be watched on HBO Max

Fairfax: Season 2 – Amazon Prime Video

  1. What is it: an animated series focused on four friends who strive for fame in Los Angeles
  2. Since when available on the platform: 10th of June
  3. Release year: 2021

Bunch of friends is back for more fun in the second season of the animated comedy about the misfortunes of four high school students eager to fight for their place among the celebrities. It’s a modern take on the timeless fight to fit and stand out at the same time, as well as sticking to your crew and a first love kiss. – which may or may not be artificial intelligence.

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Watch the Fairfax series on Amazon Prime Video

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