Very well balanced smartphone with a decent price

HONOR X8 is the kind of smartphone that betrays its price and limitations quite hard. HONOR knows that its segment is crowded, so they’ve done their best to make sure this device differentiates itself from the competition.

Let’s see how it stands out in terms of design.

Design HONOR X8

HONOR X8 comes with a similar and familiar look, simple but attractive. It’s a quality polycarbonate smartphone. The back is glossy and mimics the glass a little too well (the black version being a real magnet for fingerprints), and the edges seem to be made of magnesium, being matte and offering a high grip thanks to the slightly rough texture. Also on the back we see the quadruple camera, with the lenses framed in a square with rounded corners, but also the HONOR logo.

The right edge has the volume and power buttons with integrated fingerprint sensor, and the bottom edge brings a surprise – in addition to the speaker and USB-C charging port there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack port. It’s been quite a while since I last tested a smartphone with a headphone jack and I’m convinced that quite a few users will appreciate this “feature”.

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The front is spectacular for a smartphone in this price range. That’s because the HONOR X8 has an almost borderless screen, which enhances the immersion and premium impression. The fact that the screen is also very generous helps a lot, but we will return to the display soon. The front camera is perforated, centrally positioned and does not disturb, and on the top edge is integrated a speaker for calls that you do not even notice if you do not look carefully.

Overall, in terms of design, the HONOR X8 is well above the competition, and the almost non-existent edges around the display contribute the most to this aspect. The phone is pleasant to hold in the hand, it is compact, it is light and thin, with a thickness of only 7.45 millimeters.

HONOR X8 display

The display is another highlight for the HONOR X8. The panel is not OLED, but it is a good, big and fast IPS LCD. The HONOR X8 screen has a diagonal of 6.7 inches – it’s a very generous screen, good for movies, good for games, good for emails or any other task. The resolution is good, FullHD +, and the refresh rate is also high – 90Hz. This translates into a more fluid experience and a more pleasant overall experience. The screen is not the brightest, but it also withstands direct sunlight, but also neon light. The colors are vivid and the contrast is high.

Overall, in terms of display, HONOR X8 is at the level of direct competitors, even above some of them.

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Specifications, performance and autonomy

At the level of specifications, things are about as you would expect from a smartphone of this level. The processor is a Snapdragon 680 4G, made on a 6nm architecture, and the RAM is 6GB (but, in fact, it is 8GB – come back with a clarification immediately). The storage space is 128GB, a smartphone advantage, given that most phones with a similar price offer, on average, only 64GB of fast storage.

Now that I was indebted for a clarification – HONOR X8 has 6GB of RAM, but thanks to HONOR Turbo RAM technology, the phone “borrows” 2GB of storage space that it uses as RAM in very demanding situations.

Overall, the smartphone moves surprisingly well in most situations. It’s good for productivity and socializing on any social network, it’s also good for less demanding games, and the 90Hz refresh rate also helps a lot in the total experience.

In terms of autonomy, I was pleasantly impressed. Although the phone has a battery of only 4,200 mAh which, however, lasts up to two days for more temperate users. I managed to use it for at most a day and a half without recharging it, and this is also due to the very efficient processor.

Speaking of charging, the smartphone charges quickly, at 22.5W and reaches 100% in about 75 minutes, but with 15 minutes in the charger you get enough battery for 3 hours of video playback.

I will also mention here the operating system – HONOR X8 comes with Magic UI 4.2 and Android 11. It has Google services included, Google applications (Youtube, Youtube Music) pre-installed, and the interface is clean, friendly, fast and well- optimized.

HONOR X8 cameras

In terms of photo / video, the pleasant surprise is the 64MP main camera. It is, I think, the largest sensor available on a smartphone in this price segment and a clear advantage over competitors. Next to it, on the back, we find an 8MP camera with ultra-wide lens, a 2MP macro camera and another 2MP camera with the role of depth sensor.

Now let’s talk about results. The photos taken with the main camera come out more than well in bright light conditions, and in the evening the results are decent. The sensor has a large aperture of F / 1.8, and combined with night mode and artificial intelligence, it manages to take pictures that can be used without problems on social networks.

The wide camera is nice to use during the day, but in lower light conditions I can’t necessarily recommend it, and the macro one can be fun.

For filming, HONOR X8 only shoots fullHD, with decent results in good light, but no stabilization.

The selfie camera is 16MP, it shoots fullHD, but it can be used by those who are passionate about vlogging and in “Dual View” mode, in combination with the main camera to capture both what the user sees and the user himself.

Price and conclusion

“How much does it cost, HONOR X8?”, You have already wondered several times. The price of this phone is about 1,100 lei. My final impressions would be the following: it is a very balanced smartphone that manages to stand out in its price segment through the large, fast and borderless screen, through the increased storage space, through the extended RAM memory, but also through the large sensor of the main camera . It has enough advantages to convince many types of buyers, whether we are talking about young people passionate about streaming video, or we are looking at people who want a phone from which they can do their job without problems.

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