Overworked Karolina Gruszka: “The Absent”, “Detective Bruno”, “Wyrwa” …

“Detective Bruno” directed by Magdalena Nieć and Mariusz Palej is an offer for the whole family. Karolina Gruszka he plays Hania, the film partner of actor Bruno Księski (Piotr Głowacki), which plays the lead role in the popular series. For one incident on the set, his career hangs in the balance and the man experiences a serious image crisis. Also, my colleague loses patience with him. All hope in the eight-year-old Oskar (Iwo Rajski), who asks his favorite hero for help in finding the treasure. This game leads them to a priceless discovery: there is no treasure greater than a real friend.

– “Detective Bruno” is a children’s film, a family film. I think it’s funny – at the premiere I saw the children laughing. It is also touching, even for parents, and I think that after the screening there is something to talk about, because it touches on various important topics, but in a fairly light, attractive form – says Karolina Gruszka’s Newseria Lifestyle agency.

The actress admits that the last few months have been extremely busy for her. She had to reconcile photos for several productions. One of them is a film based on a novel by Wojciech Chmielarz.

– This is “Wyrwa” directed by Bartek Konopka. We play in this movie with Tomek Kot and z Grzesiek Damięcki. And it’s an interesting genre, because on the one hand it’s a thriller, and on the other – it has a lot of abstract sense of humor. We just finished this movie. Whereas the second thing – Magda Łazarkiewicz he makes “Kajtka Czarodzieja” based on the book by Janusz Korczak. This, in turn, will be a little retro, very magical movie – says the actress.

The protagonist of this film encounters the brutality of the world and decides to change it with the help of magic. However, it quickly turns out that it won’t do much in this way, because you need completely different tools. It’s a smart, funny, magical and still very relevant story for children. – I am a mother, so I hope it will be a production where you will be happy to take your child with you – says Karolina Gruszka.

The actress threw herself into work and recently had little time to regenerate, so she is looking forward to the holidays. After rest, he plans more projects, this time theatrical.

– When I finish this project, I am actually planning a vacation. I miss nature so much, so I’m going to go to the lakes and forests, hide a little there and start thinking about theater projects, because I already miss theater a lot. The pandemic, and then the outbreak of war, made all plans postponed, changed, outdated and now I have a new, I think, very important idea that I really look forward to – adds the star.

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