Eczema on the ears or eyebrows: how to cope

Recently, Gail Porter used to leave a pair of earrings and small jewelry in her ears while she slept at night. It was flat, round, and gold-colored—a Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney believed it was gold-filled, not gold-plated.

This distinction was important to her because she knew that gold-plated jewelry (which only has a thin layer of gold on the outside that could easily flake off, exposing the base metal underneath) could irritate her skin.

When Porter’s earlobes became red, swollen, itchy, and hot to the touch, she decided that the earrings might have been gold-plated after all and that she was allergic to the metal inside, perhaps nickel or cobalt.

The outer parts of her ears smashed into a scaly, itchy rash, too, as well as wrinkles behind her ears — signs of atopic dermatitis.

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