9 hair color trends for summer 2022

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More warmth, glamor and fantasy! According to the most sought-after experts, this summer – after the cold winter – hair color trends will be marked by the sun’s rays.

According to Matt Rez, the color expert behind long hair Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Eliza Gonzalez, we’re going to be shifting away from cool tones in favor of warmer shades of blonde, brown, red and everything in between. – Warm colors have more sparkle that we all have been missing for some time – says Rez. – I have the impression that clients’ requests for warmer shades reflect the need to come out of the cold of the last few years.

The need to improve our mood, coupled with the “childhood feeling that summer is a fun time,” says Angela Hazelton, colorist at The Marie Robinson Salon, means that we all experience an instinctive urge to change. – It is easier to change the color of the hair when the skin has already acquired a summer glow Hazelton adds. Another New York specialist, Jenna Perry, agrees with Bella Hadid and Maude Apatow for new, nuanced shades of her hair: There is nothing better than fresh highlights that add extra dimension to a summer look. – In summer, the sun shines longer, which means that its effects on the hair and skin are visible to the naked eye Perry says. – The moment when the complexion looks brushed with the first rays is the perfect moment to curl up the look of your hair.

It is worth adding that summer is often a time of nostalgia. As Mauricio Bermudez, an experienced colorist at Suite Caroline’s New York showroom, says: – From the summer’s most important song to our summer loves, this sunny period of the year leaves a lot of good memories – and hair color is also a determinant of the time. Changing the shade can give us energy immediately, and for a long time.

We present the most important trends in the color of the coming summer.

Honey golden bronde

When the warmer months come, one of the shades most frequently chosen by Reza’s clients is the honey-golden “bronde”. – It’s a perfect marriage of blonde and brown – says the expert. – The base and depth colors are medium to light brown. Light golden highlights mixed in it emphasize the structure of the hairstyle, and at the ends give it maximum energy and contrast. This color is full of shine! The warmth of the highlights makes the hairstyle sparkle beautifully in the sun.

Pink and peach pastels

According to Perry, people who want to let their imagination run wild should consider finishing their hairstyle with a warm neon shade. – Light blondes have more fun when you add some pink or peach pigment to them – says the expert.

Sun-scorched blonde

– The natural summer color seems to be sun-scorched blonde, which looks as if you just came back from the beach Explains Bermudez, who recently turned Lilah Summer from a brunette into a blonde with his “vitamin D in a bottle of paint” idea.

Shimmering raven black

In the same vein, Bermudez uses its raven black shine technique for clients such as Rubina Dyan and Umi Akiyoshi. – I start with a shiny base, then finish off the coloring with a shiny top – explain. – From red to black, each color should be given a dose of extra glow in summer.

Sun-kissed brown

After Kendal Jenner dyed her hair a copper shade during Fashion Month, she returned to her signature brown at MET Gala 2022. However, she slightly modified it. – Kendall’s base hair color is neutral medium brown with golden hazel highlights that give it a three-dimensional feel – explains Rez. – This shade gains warmth thanks to the light reflected in it, which makes it perfect for summer.

Warm blonde inspired by the 1969 Woodstock festival

Angela Hazelton predicts a return to the carefree summer of 1969. It will be visible in golden and strawberry blondes and warm browns. – In a word, hair full of warmth and shine will be in the trends Hazelton says. She adds that such shades will rather be obtained by dyeing with one color, with minimal highlights. – Delicate strands that give the hairstyle a bit of shine and structure will be fashionable. However, we do not want an exaggerated, too obvious effect here.

50 faces of crimson

– I have never faced so many requests for red hair – in every shade imaginable! Hazelton says. Blondes want strawberry blonde and brunettes want amber or dark auburn shades. What is driving this trend, as seen on the heads of many celebrities, from Jenner to Euphoria’s Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Barbie Ferreira? – It takes a little bit of emotion that everyone has in life right now – explain.

Brown in a shade of cognac

When model Nidhi Sunil was getting ready to go to the Cannes Film Festival, Bermudez was given a “cognac brown” by refreshing her hair color. – An intense effect does not have to mean a hairstyle that is difficult to care for. This summer, the new quality is high gloss – explain. – Her curls warmed with the new color were varnished heavily, so that they sparkled even more on the red carpet.

7 minutes in the sun

– Brunettes more and more often add very subtle golden reflections to their color Perry says of sparkling highlights in deeper shades like the ones she recently did on Karlie Kloss Chocolate Brown. Objective? – A luminous effect as after 7 minutes in the sun – says.

This article first appeared on Vogue.com.

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