Weronika Rosati on violence in the film school. Here’s what she heard from the professor

Film, Television and Theater School L. Schiller in Łódźcommonly known as the “Łódź film”, every year brings to the market a lot of talented actors, directors, film operators and producers.

Its most prominent alumni include Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polański, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Stanisław Bareja, Małgorzata Szumowska and Wojciech Smarzowski. It turns out that the road to prepare students for work in the film industry was not all roses, despite the great joy of the chance to study in such a prestigious place.

Anna Paliga in March 2021 it triggered the blackboard lecturers who were supposed to do within its walls both physical and mental violence. She publicized the issues in the media mobbing, public humiliation and sexual abuse. Many students had to go to therapy later as a result.

The actress revealed in her letter that the acting department was of the opinion that young people should be “broken” and “used to clenching their teeth”, which will help them in this profession. Dozens of other students confirmed the graduate’s allegations.

In the book “Everyone Knew” Karolina Korwin-Piotrowska she collected stories from former film school students, professors, members of government and psychologists. Among them were, among others Weronika Rosati.

The actress honestly told about unpleasant memories of studying at the Lodz Film School. In an interview, she described her experiences with “fuchsia” – then she had no idea what this “tradition” was all about. It quickly turned out that it was mainly on harassing and humiliating younger colleagues with the full approval of the school authorities.

Rosati decided to rebel and went to report it to the professor. Unfortunately, the refusal to participate in the student “party” could have a negative impact on the image of the future actors. Such the decision, as a rule, was associated with terrible ostracism.

The worst moments, however, were with professor Ewa Mirowska, who tried to do everything to make Weronika feel worse. After the episode “Yes or No?” directed by Bugajski described the role of Rosati with her bottom, insulting her in front of the other students.

On the other hand, when she performed on stage, she held her head in silence, which was not at all developing. It was believed that he owes everything exclusively to his father.

“There are actresses who think that if they hang out with directors at night and sleep for their roles, they will make a career” – she heard from her assistant after participating in the Camerimage festival.

Students were isolated from the world, and professors planned rehearsals during the holidays so as not to visit their loved ones. She found out about it Joanna Koroniewskawhich she couldn’t even say goodbye to her dying mom.

Later, she just dropped the phone and the actress finally showed up for the rehearsal. On the same day, her mother passed away in a hospice. She admitted that this event literally broke her heart.

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