Todd Phillips showed the cover of the script for the second part of “Joker”

Todd Phillips, the director of the two-Oscar-winning blockbuster “Joker”, praised the script for its sequel on social media. He also shared a photo of Joaquin Phoenix, who plays the title role, as he reads it.

How much the sequel about the fate of Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck “The Joker” is expected is evidenced by the fact that the news of the progressing work on it was published by all the industry media overseas.

The director also revealed that the working title of the film was “Joker: Folie à deux”, which immediately sparked a wave of guesswork on which the plot of the next story about the most famous Batman antagonist will focus.

The film is slated to start shooting in early 2023.

À deux foils

Folie à deux is a medical term derived from French, “for mental disorders that affect two or more people”, i.e. the so-called induced paranoia or insanity – a condition in which a person closely related to the patient begins to treat indiscriminately the paranoid thoughts of the patient, them.

“Variety” magazine, informing about the progress of work on the sequel to “Joker”, let the imagination run wild. “(…) The title has some intriguing implications. Translated literally as ‘shared madness’ (…) may refer to how Arthur’s villainy is widely accepted by Gotham City in the first film, but may also imply that the sequel Phillips will bring his own interpretation of the Joker’s main (in fact only) partner in life, crime and madness. ”

Of course, I am talking about the later partner-Joker’s helper known from comics and movies as Harley Quinn – played in DC adaptations by Margot Robbie. Will Harley’s character appear in the new movie? It is not known. Phillips keeps the plot details and the names of the actors who would appear in the film a secret.

It is only known that Phillips wrote the script similarly to the previous film, together with Scott Silver. As agreed by the director with Warner Bros. in 2020, not one, but two new films about the further fate of the Joker with the participation of Phoenix have been pre-planned.

Joaquin Phoenix in the Todd Phillips movie “The Joker”Warner Bros

One billion dollars for an “R” movie

Todd Phillips’ Joker was an absolute revelation in 2019, not only for Hollywood. He began his award-winning journey at the Venice Film Festival, where he won the Golden Lion for Best Picture. It has never before happened that a comic book painting won at an international festival promoting artistic cinema.

Then there were the Golden Globes for Joaquin Phoenix, Best Actor, and Hildur Guðnadóttir for Best Original Soundtrack. The two also won Oscar statuettes for their work, and the film also won the French Caesar for Best Foreign Picture.

Phillips’ painting received Oscar nominations in 11 categories – including Best Film, Best Director, and Adapted Screenplay.

The film also set a historic record for “R” (adult audience) pictures in theaters.

Joaquin Phoenix received an Oscar for the role of the JokerWarner Bros

Until now, no movie with this category has “reached” one billion dollars in ticket sales, while “Joker” has earned 1.07 billion worldwide. This is a staggering sum for a film with a relatively modest budget of $ 50 million by comic book standards.

In addition to the sensational performance of Phoenix, Phillips’ dark painting owed its success to a large extent to the fact that it did not turn out to be just an action movie, typical of a superhero production. Phillips made a psychological drama, a poignant study of the insanity of a marginalized man, inscribed in a portrait of a metropolis plunging into chaos.

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Main photo source: Warner Bros

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