The newest Precision station comes with AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO

Precision 7865 Tower combines performance and computing power with AMD’s first Precision workstation

It is no coincidence that in the year that we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Dell Precision, we came up with some of the most powerful workstations of all time. and Earlier this year, we unveiled the world’s most powerful 14 ”mobile workstation, followed by the inauguration new Precision 7000 series. Not only do they incorporate the latest technological advances, but Precision 7000 series mobile workstations have a new form factor for DDR5 memory, which we anticipate will become a new industry standard.

Today we present Precision 7865 Tower, the first Precision fixed workstation based on AMD and the first Precision system that includes AMD Ryzen ™ Threadripper ™ PRO 5000 WX-Series processors. Whether you’re creating the next animated blockbuster, developing cutting-edge AR projects, or analyzing massive data sets, this professional workstation combines immense power, flexibility, and reliability into a single system.

Meet the new Precision 7865 Tower

Today, we want to do as many things as possible in as little time as possible – and without interruption. This new high-performance device comes with the best AMD workstation processor available on the market, Threadripper ™ PRO 5900WX. Precision 7865 Tower is optimized for demanding, multi-application workloads and allows users to more efficiently address intensive and complex workflows. Linking clock speed (valuable in interactive workflows, such as computer-aided design) and computation (necessary for workflows such as rendering or simulation), Precision 7865 Tower takes data science to the next level without compromise. graphic design, imaging and VR and AI projects.

Designed for engineers, architects, creators and designers who rely on mixed workflows, the Precision 7865 Tower comes with up to 64 CPU cores, up to 56TB of storage, Thunderbolt ™ 3 optional, up to 1TB of DDR4 ECC memory with RMT Pro and a complete suite of professional graphics (up to 16GB AMD Radeon ™ Pro W6800 or up to 48GB of NVIDIA RTX A6000 graphics). Precision 7865 Tower allows you to create and render simultaneously without sacrificing performance.

With more power comes even more heat. The newly designed chassis features a hexagonal ventilation model that supports dedicated air ducts for critical components. This improves both thermal efficiency and acoustic performance, which means you can focus on your work while the system runs smoothly and quietly. All this is packed in a chassis that is 14% smaller than the Precision 7820 Tower.

Users will see Dell’s Precision 7865 workstation reflect Dell’s long-standing and growing commitment to service. Maintenance and updating are simpler due to the comfortable front and side access. An inside look reveals organized, color-coded components that make it more intuitive to update memory, storage, or graphics cards as power demand increases. Looking to the future, Dell engineers have prioritized upgrading and scalability to meet not only today’s performance needs, but also to grow and evolve with the professionals who use them.

Reliability is met with improved experience

Because performance and productivity in a variety of applications and multithreaded workflows must be maximized, reliability and security are vital. ISV certifications supported by rigorous tests and benchmarks ensure that applications are optimized and fully functional. Elite partners, including Blackmagic Design, a leading video and film technology company, offer an exceptional and extensive user experience.

“We see clients, from beginner directors to huge studios, using DaVinci Resolve Studio with increasingly complex and high-resolution video workflows. The technology they need to create must be reliable, but also powerful. “The new Precision 7865 Tower, with AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper PRO, delivers high performance and complex computing power, giving our customers a powerful and configurable system to run Blackmagic Design Resolve Studio,” said Dan May, President, Blackmagic. Design.

In addition, the Dell Optimizer for Precision solution makes your system smarter, using artificial intelligence to learn your work style and meet your needs, automatically improving application performance, specialized reporting and analytics.

The Precision 7865 Tower has a well-thought-out design that facilitates access to the interior of the car, while the lockable chassis with intrusion detection system helps maintain safety. TPM 2.0 (trusted platform module) and self-encrypted drives create a comprehensive solution that users can rely on to help protect sensitive data, intellectual property and confidential projects. For ease of use, the frequently used USB Type-C and A ports are conveniently located on the front, and the carrying handles make the equipment more portable when needed.

Continuing to focus on solutions that suit a variety of work environments and teams, Precision 7865 offers fast network speeds (1G and 10G native), supporting work from home and enabling the virtual use of multiple creators on a single device. Thanks to AMD Advanced Management with DASH (Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware), Precision 7865 offers secure out-of-band and remote management, giving IT administrators the ability to support the needs of employees regardless of location, so they can work anywhere I want.


The Dell Precision 7865 Tower is available globally on July 28th, and prices will be announced near the launch date. There is no better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary than to continue to push the boundaries and create the tools our clients need for performance. And Precision 7865 Tower is just that.

and Based on the comparison between the 45W CPU of 5470 vs Lenovo and HP 14 stati stations, March 2022.


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