The most important moments in the life of the actress

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America’s favorite, holder of the most beautiful smile in Hollywood, Oscar winner, happy wife and mother – Julia Roberts has been one of the greatest movie stars for over 30 years. We recall breakthrough moments in her life.

A debutante from Georgia

At the premiere of Steel Magnolias (Photo: Getty Images)

If it weren’t for her siblings, Lisa and Eric, Julia Roberts would never have gone to Hollywood. They both broke out of provincial Smyrna, Georgia, to try their hand at the Dream Factory. Although they played episodic roles, the real star was the youngest Roberts. The dream of cinema was fostered in children by parents – Betty Lou and Walter Grady – who were once associated with the stage. Julia planned to become a veterinarian. At the end of the 1980s, she got involved in the series – “Crime Story” and “Miami Policemen”. However, her role in 1988’s “Mystic Pizza” is considered to be her real debut. In the youth film, she played a teenager similar to herself – a small-town beauty working in a pizzeria. When Julia came of age, she appeared alongside legends – Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis – in “Steel Magnolias.” A year later – in 1990 – she was immortalized on celluloid tape as “Pretty Woman”.

The queen of romantic comedies

In the 90s, no other actress could compare with Julia Roberts. A storm of curls, a radiant smile, huge eyes – the star embodied the dream of an ideal woman. At the same time, she did not lack a personality – she was considered pragmatic, strong and determined. She built her career consistently, sometimes by putting in emploi “pretty woman” as in “I love troubles”, and at other times going beyond convention in crime fiction such as “The Pelican’s Report”. She was the beloved of Dr. Jekyll, Chandler from “Friends” and Woody Allen, and even Tinkerbell from “Peter Pan.” She played her alter ego – a Hollywood star – in “Notting Hill”.

Oscar winner

In 2001 (Photo: Getty Images)

When Steven Soderbergh saw Erin Brockovich in Julia Roberts, a single mother who won a gigantic corporate compensation for the inhabitants of a small town for water poisoning, no one expected that the biopic would turn out to be a turning point in the actress’s career. In 2001, Roberts received the only Oscar in her career for this role. Thus, it went down in the history not only of cinema, but also of fashion, choosing a vintage Valentino outfit for the red carpet. – I never thought that I would win this award – she later recalled in an interview with “O”. The statuette sealed Julia’s status, but 2001 brought a much more important revolution in her life.

Wife, mom, housewife

With my husband (Photo: Getty Images)

In 2001, on the set of the next film after Erin Brockovich – the forgotten sensational comedy “Mexican”, where Roberts starred alongside Brad Pitt – the actress met a great love. Cinematographer Danny Moder was married at the time, but he too realized that he would not run away from his destiny. A year later, the couple were married. – When I met him, I knew that nothing would ever be the same again. My relationship with him was the best decision I ever made Roberts said in the Goop podcast. Marriage and motherhood turned the star into the perfect housewife. In 2004 twins were born – Hazel and Phinnaeus, three years later the family grew with a son, Henry. – I love spending time at home Says the actress who shares her time between Malibu and San Francisco. – I make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the children. I love the laundry. I don’t have time for pedicures, but who cares what my feet look like? I’m happy – he replies. She appreciated her role as a mother even more when her beloved mother passed away in 2015. – She worked full-time, raising three children. I admire her – Roberts said in the pages of People.

Award-winning actress, producer and activist

After a few years of hiatus, Julia Roberts returned to Hollywood on her own terms. Now she is involved in the production of every project in which she participates as an actress. It started with the intimate series “Homecoming” in 2018, where the star played a therapist. Now she can be seen in “Gaslit,” the alternate story of Watergate from the perspective of Martha Mitchell, a male whistleblower silenced. Three films are in preparation, including an adaptation of the famous novel “Leave the World Behind” by Sam Esmail. A year ago it was rumored that Roberts was planning to abandon Hollywood altogether to devote himself to activism. The star is committed to helping children from poor families, fighting for equal rights for LGBT + people, the black community and women, and spreading awareness about COVID-19. Apparently, in the role of Erin Brockovich, Roberts feels best – on and off the screen.

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