The fixer will make your makeup last all day

Katarzyna Szczepaniak-Cieślak

Regardless of whether you are going to a wedding or work on a warm day – the durability of the make-up is put to the test. After all, you do not spend a dozen or even several dozen minutes on it, so that after a few hours (or even faster) it will run off unsightly and blur. Fortunately, there is an easy way to set makeup on. You only need one, inexpensive cosmetic!

Make-up durability is reduced by high temperature, a tendency to sweat and frequent touching of the face with hands or clothes. Cosmetics also have a worse hold on dry or oily skin. Therefore, it is worth remembering not to use very greasy creams immediately before applying makeup, because the oily layer left by them can dissolve even the best foundation. After a few hours, it also looks worse … makeup applied with too thick a layer. A generously applied foundation may weigh and run off the face, and a few layers of the mascara will flake off very quickly.

Many people use waterproof cosmetics to extend the durability of their make-up. Water has been replaced with polymers, silicones or resin, which is why they are usually denser and more velvety than non-waterproof preparations. However, they are often difficult to wash off. Water resistance does not always keep the make-up fresh and aesthetic (especially for foundations). Therefore, it is worth reaching for stronger measures for special occasions.

Make-up fixer – cosmetic for special tasks

For special occasions, you can use a fixer, i.e. a fixing spray. This type of cosmetics is often used by professional beauticians when making makeup for a wedding or … red carpet. The spray is used on finished make-up.

The preparation is indispensable if you want to be sure that your make-up remains perfect, even after several hours. It reduces smudging and fading of make-up and makes the make-up look neat and fresh even after the whole night.

FIXER MIST HD LONG LASTING FORMULA by Eveline has a light texture, so it leaves a delicate film on the skin, invisible to the naked eye. It is practically imperceptible on the face, and at the same time protects the make-up against high temperatures or humid air, as well as pollution from the air. It prevents the darkening of cosmetics under the influence of oxygen or UV rays, so after a few hours the make-up will look just like right after its application.

It is also important that the mist is not alcohol-based, so it does not dry the skin. The cosmetic can be used as a fixative directly on makeup or as a way to refresh it during the day.

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Other ways to set makeup

The following will also help to fix the make-up:

  • Base (under foundation, shadows or lipstick)– improves the durability of make-up, but also corrects minor skin imperfections, such as redness or unevenness. Thanks to it, cosmetics will also spread better and will not change their shade during the day.
  • Loose transparent powder – matte skin and ensures a smooth finish to the make-up. It should be applied evenly over the entire face with a large brush.

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