The best science fiction series

Here is our list of the best science-fiction series. Check if your favorite items are there. Or maybe something was missing?

Science fiction series – the best of the best

Choosing the best sci-fi series is not that easy, because there is still no abundance of production in this genre. Maybe it is better, because thanks to this we can enjoy what we have in moderation. Nevertheless, it is possible to find good, or even excellent, science-fiction series. Let me know what you think about this list in the comments. And be sure to check out our ranking presenting the best sci-fi movies that we have prepared for you recently.


This is one of those series that has not been able to fully develop its wings. It has lived to see three seasons and has been canceled relatively recently. Of course, the 3 seasons are not so little, but evidently the story asked for a continuation, the more that in the last one, the creators started introducing some interesting plot themes that slightly changed the viewer’s perception. In any case, “Travelers” is a great mixture of a sensational series (perfectly realized) with science-fiction, and more specifically with time travel. Its heroes are agents from the future, whose personalities are transferred to the bodies of people from the 21st century who were about to die. Their task is, of course, to save a world whose future does not look very bright.

12 Monkeys

As a fan of the original movie “12 Monkeys” directed by Terry Gilliam and the themes of time travel, I couldn’t miss the series “12 Monkeys”. Although I was afraid that this series would not be equal to the original (because it also happened), it surprised me positively with the fact that it turned out to be extremely successful. It got better and better from season to season, and the creators finally managed to stretch the story from the movie into as many as four seasons. Of course, not everything was perfect in it, and it is also difficult to avoid some plot holes when it comes to time travel, but I personally was fascinated, fully committed and delighted with the whole thing. Plus, “12 Monkeys” boasts one of the best finals in the history of the series, in the sense that it satisfactorily closes all the threads. And that’s a rarity in serials.

Lost in time

“Quantum Leap” or in the Polish version “Lost in time” is one of the favorite series of my childhood. A story about a scientist named Sam Beckett, who is one of the builders of a machine that enables time travel. Beckett decides to test it himself. The experiment turns out to be a success – it manages to go back in time, but only as a soul in the body of another, random person from a given period and, what is worse, is unable to return to its body and the present. The idea for the series is therefore extremely interesting, and the main plot theme allows viewers to visit different eras from the past together with the protagonist. The sci-fi elements may be modest here compared to the rest of the series on this list, but for me there will always be something magical and fantastic in Lost in Time.

Rick and Morty

This series is crazy and full of abstract science-fiction fun. What is not here – travels to distant planets, alternative realities, experiments with time. All this is lined with black humor and a ton of pop culture references. It can’t be more science-fiction.


I was surprised myself, but yes – Disney finally managed to create a successful product set in the Star Wars universe. They failed with the movie’s sequel trilogy, but the series “The Mandalorian” may, at least in part, serve as an atonement. Season 2 is a big merit in this, much better than the first season. However, “Mandalorian” as a whole, even forgetting for a moment that it is set in the world of “Star Wars”, is a great example of a science-fiction series. Interesting heroes, tricky but well-written plot themes, travels across different planets, interactions with numerous non-human races, impressive, almost cinematic momentum. What more could you ask for from a good sci-fi entertainment series? For me, this is the legitimate sequel to the original trilogy.

Star Trek

I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone to say that the best of the decades-long Star Trek franchise is The Next Generation. The creators managed to return to this universe after many years of break and did an incredible thing – surpassing the original “Star Trek” series in terms of both quality and popularity. Throughout all these years, “Star Trek” has not ceased to fascinate and inspire. This is the first series that has so strongly and effectively opened the imagination and minds of viewers to new, unknown and unexplored things. Not only in the space sphere, but also when it comes to social issues. While the days when it was the only science-fiction series made with this scale are gone, it is still the definitive experience of the genre in TV and movie format. The more that fans can not complain now, because after more than a decade of break, “Star Trek” returns in the series version, in the form of the series “Star Trek: Picard” and the newest, one of the best-rated of all installments of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” “.


This series is asking for a modern reboot with a larger budget. This does not mean, of course, that the original version is bad, on the contrary, but in some respects it has not aged well. Nevertheless, “Stargate” is the absolute top of science-fiction series. Its popularity is evidenced by the fact that it has 10 seasons and a handful of spin-offs and prequels. The first series, “Stargate SG-1”, remains unbeatable, but if you only have the time and the opportunity, it is worth paying attention to the entire universe. The series skillfully combined sci-fi threads with elements of adventure cinema, action, comedy moments, and at the same time weaving an addictive story touching the history of mankind and ancient civilizations.

From X Archive

“From the X-Files” is a genius series in general, no matter what genre it represents. However, by assigning it to the sci-fi drawer, I have always been fascinated by how skillfully it uses these genre sci-fi themes as the starting point and backdrop for a much larger story. Sure, the main storyline revolved around whether or not aliens are on Earth, but this is just a contribution to a broader reflection on topics such as science versus faith, logic versus emotion – which clashes have been brilliantly embodied in the characters of Agents Mulder and Scully. In addition, “From the X-Files” is largely a series consisting of separate episodes, which in turn create something like a fascinating anthology of paranormal phenomena, sometimes a thriller, sometimes a crime story, sometimes sci-fi, and even horror or even looser genres . The viewer never really knew what to expect from the upcoming episode. And that’s what was beautiful and unique about Z-Archive.


Based on the popular series of books, the series “Expanse” quickly found a large group of fans around the world and immediately joined the group of the best sci-fi series in history. The competition is still not as strong as in the case of other genres, but this does not change the fact that we are dealing with an excellent series. It begins a bit à la a detective story and a detective story, but quickly its size begins to expand, both in the cosmos and planets on which the action takes place, as well as the topics that include, among others for politics, racial conflicts, war, terrorism. Like all good science fiction, Expanse uses themes of the genre to tell a larger story.

Battlestar Galactica

This series appeared somewhat unexpectedly and unexpectedly turned out to be a science-fiction masterpiece of the series. I doubt there will ever be a series that can compete with him on an equal footing. “Battlestar Galactica” still impresses with its scale, both visual and fictional. A huge gallery of characters that are multidimensional and not always unambiguous. A story that touches upon a multitude of topics – from politics, wars, conflicts to religion, technology, and mythology. These are the main factors that make this series the absolute top of all time, not only in science fiction.

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