The absolute HIT of the summer – baby highlights. How to do them on your hair?

Summer is the perfect time to give your hair a fresh and light look. As he found, for sunny days, a baby highlights coloring is suitable, the natural effect of which will be loved by both blondes and owners of darker hair.

Baby highlights – a hit for the summer

Coloring has many names. Every now and then new hair color ideas emerge, which can be seen on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social media. And since such novelties are spreading like hot cakes, it is no wonder that the next proposals are very popular. The baby highlights trend has recently won the hearts of Internet users. It is an offer for girls who want a delicate and natural lightening of the color.

Lightened strands are not new, but in the baby highlights version they are more subtle and charming when compared to regular highlights. The effect can be achieved not only on blonde hair, but also on darker hair. They can be applied to any length and thickness of hair, so it can be considered a universal method of coloring. After all, the point is to make your hair, no matter what the base color, look brushed by the summer sun.

The baby highlights effect is noteworthy for several reasons. Apart from the fact that it looks beautiful, the brighter reflections perfectly illuminate the face and add freshness and lightness to the hair. Another advantage of baby highlights is the smooth transition between highlights and regrowth, which is less conspicuous. Thanks to this, there is no need to run to the next colorization a few weeks after the previous one.

How to get a baby highlights effect at home?

When deciding on this type of coloring, it is best to go to the hairdresser with it. A professional will perfectly choose the shades of paint to make them look natural. This is especially important if someone is not very experienced in applying color to their hair. Another thing is that the specialist will carry out the procedure in such a way that the strands will not suffer any harm. However, this does not mean that it cannot be achieved at home.

If you feel confident in dyeing your hair and want to do it yourself, remember that baby highlights create much thinner and more delicate highlights than balayage. Separating them also takes more time than with ordinary, thicker strands. To make your task easier, separate thin strands of hair for coloring with the spike of a hairdresser’s comb and arrange them on the foil. Apply a coat of paint to each batch of strands. Make sure that the thin strands are thinly but quite close to each other so that the color on the entire surface appears lighter. You can see the coloring process on the video posted on YouTube by ellebangs, which shows step by step how to achieve this effect yourself.

When choosing a paint for baby highlights, remember that regardless of the original color of your hair, its color should be a bit lighter than the natural color. Very dark hair will probably need some bleach before applying the dye.

By following these rules, you can successfully achieve the effect of lightened strands that the summer sun leaves on your hair.

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