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vivo seems to focus on midrange and midrange-premium models in Romania, but the models it puts on this market try to differentiate themselves from smartphones from other manufacturers by all sorts of fireworks – some aesthetic, some functional.

I think, however, that it would be best to leave the conclusions for later and discuss what the V23 5G looks like in vivo.

V23 5G live design

The design is one of the chapters that vivo relies on for the V23 5G model, but it went by the philosophy “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Specifically, it borrowed quite a bit from iPhones (old and new), kept elements from the V21 5G in vivo, but brought new colors, including a pleasant gold that, by magic (or science), turns a very pleasant blue in the beating of UV rays.

In vivo also sent me a special UV flashlight to play with the back of the phone, but the effect is much more pronounced in ordinary sunlight. The model I’m talking about is called Sunshine Gold, but there’s also a gleaming black version. It’s clearly a smartphone for young people or for those who want to stand out, and this is not a new thing.

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The edges of the phone are metallic, gold, flat and straight and rounded to the corners, and the smartphone is very pleasant to hold in your hand, giving the impression of a robust and durable device. The buttons are on the right edge, the speaker and the USB-C port are on the bottom and the SIM tray is also there.

In front we notice the very thin edges of the screen, but also the notch type “bangs” a-la-iPhone about which I can not say I’m excited in 2022.

However, overall, the vivo V23 5G looks good, even if it is not the most original design brought by a company on the market. In the minuses chapter, I note the lack of any type of water resistance, but also the lack of wireless charging (somewhat understandable considering the metal construction).


As for the screen, in vivo have opted for a 6.44-inch AMOLED panel with fullHD + resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. It’s a good display, but not phenomenal. He knows HDR10 + and reacts well. It has good brightness, perfect contrast and vivid colors, and most users will be more than happy with this panel. The only thing is that there are direct competitors that offer higher refresh rates and compatibility with standards such as Dolby Vision, which make games and movies move or look better.

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The screen is covered not with Gorilla Glass, but with Schott Xensation Up, a similar glass that should provide fairly high protection against scratches and bumps.

V23 5G vivo performance

Below the display we find an interesting processor – a Mediatek Dimensity 920. I admit that I rarely come across gadgets that use Mediatek processors and I’m pleasantly surprised to see that the difference between Dimensity 920 and Snapdragon 778+ is almost imperceptible in most tasks. .

I think that the 12GB of RAM, which adds fluidity to the system, also contributes here.

All in all, you can play more demanding games on V23 5G (I tried NSF No Limits and it went smoothly), you can do your job, you can watch movies and you can socialize in dedicated applications without any problems.

Buba comes only when you compare the Mediatek Dimensity 920 processor with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Snapdragon 888, which are top processors that you can also find in smartphones of 3,000 – 3,500 lei. Or when you see that most smartphones with Snapdragon 778 cost between 2,000 and 2,500 lei.

vivo V23 5G comes with 128GB of storage, enough for regular users, especially in the context of increasingly accessible cloud-backed services.

The battery was a pleasant surprise – the phone has a 4,400 mAh battery that gives it a little more than a day of average to heavy use, above the average of the market segment and some direct competitors. And fast charging at 44W helps in this regard, the phone reaching from 0 to almost 70% in about 30 minutes.

In terms of performance, if we look at how the smartphone behaves in different scenarios, things are very good. If, on the other hand, we look at the components and the price, the vivo V23 5G loses some important points.

Photo cameras

Here are some very good things, some good and some just okay. I’ll start with the selfie camera, contrary to tradition, because the live ones paid more attention to it than the main one. And if in the previous model (ie vivo V21 5G) we see two front LEDs as a flash, in the V23 5G we see two cameras in that notch-bang mentioned above, along with two flash LEDs. Camera to stay like football. The “normal” camera takes good pictures in almost any condition, the HDR is visible, the background cutout is natural, everything looks very good. The ultra-wide one suffers from lower light or indoor light, but still produces decent results.

The best part is that you can film more than decently with the main front camera, so the phone can prove to be a good tool for TikTok vloggers and more.

Moving on to the main cameras, the vivo V23 5G is generally doing well, but only when it comes to the 64MP main sensor with wide lens. It takes very good pictures during the day and good at night or indoors, with many details, good HDR and vivid colors. In addition to the main sensor, there is also an 8MP ultrawide lens that you can use predominantly during the day, but which does not produce bad results even at night. The 2MP sensor with macro lens bothered me by its mere existence and I would have appreciated much more a telephoto lens instead. In terms of filming, vivo V23 5G does not shine – it stabilizes decently, the level of detail is good in natural light, but the phone does not know how to “pass” 4K 30fps or 1080p 30fps, most likely because of the processor.

However, it is clear that the vivo V23 5G is a smartphone designed for photography enthusiasts and, even if it is not the best in its class in this regard, it manages to differentiate itself thanks to the front cameras.

Price and conclusion

Because we mentioned several times the “range” of vivo V23 5G, we must also mention the price. Unlike the vivo V21 5G, which was really cheap for what it offered, the V23 5G looks a bit pricey. It costs about 3,000 lei and that area is populated with numerous smartphones that bring various pluses to some chapters (or even all of them). It is, however, a unique smartphone that offers a good experience and that stands out (and helps you stand out). It’s for young people, for vloggers, maybe even for you.

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