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• The new RED GO streaming service is launched
• The new platform offers both classics of cinematography from around the world and premiere films and series.

The group of streaming services available in Poland has just increased with another platform. Red Carpet Media Group has launched its own streaming platform. RED GO is owned by the broadcaster of Red Carpet TV and Red Top TV channels present on Polish television. The VOD Red Go platform, which is making its debut on the market, is a wide offer of various film genres, carefully selected for both cinema connoisseurs looking for rare film titles as well as fans of sensation, drama, romance and crime fiction. The offer also includes suggestions for viewers with strong nerves.

When creating the RED GO platform, we aimed to find a niche on the market. It was successful because no platform or any TV channel has such a wide range of classics and films for true cinema connoisseurs. The RED GO platform is a complementary streaming service that fills a market gap. We believe that with its offer it will go to the hearts of good cinema lovers– comments Leszek Kułak, member of the Supervisory Board of RED CARPET MEDIA GROUP.

RED GO starts with a responsive website. Thanks to this, it will be possible to optimally display movies on devices such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

A responsive website is an important milestone for us to achieve success in the multiscreen strategy. Mobile users will be able to fully enjoy the service on their smartphone, as the website adjusts to the resolution of its screen. This is important because today’s viewers use mobile devices more and more often. Ultimately, on our RED GO platform, we will soon offer dedicated solutions for both mobile devices and TV sets. The platform will also enable access to live broadcasts in the PPV model -adds Leszek Kułak, member of the Supervisory Board of RED CARPET MEDIA GROUP.

Basic subscription on the RED GO platform costs PLN 14.99 per month. The VIP subscription allowing access to the entire library and the premiere offer costs PLN 34.99 per month. The platform also offers access in the T-VOD model only to premiere offers
at the price of PLN 24.99 for the series offer and PLN 14.99 for the film offer. Collections consisting of several films, for people who decide not to subscribe, will be available for the price from 8.99 PLN. Single films are to be available at even lower prices.

On RED GO we will see, among others, a lot of classic horror movies, among which it is worth highlighting the masterpieces of Daria Argento, among others “Noises” and the most interesting among the less known slashers, ie “Just Before Dawn” and “Deep Red”. Viewers will also find some of the best in history, full of dense atmosphere and gore zombie films, signed by the Italian master of horror movies, Lucio Fulci. The creators of the platform have also prepared something for people who like silent cinema. They will find the best Charlie Chaplin titles in it

The RED GO offer will be able to find something for both fans of American westerns and their Italian counterparts, i.e. spaghetti westerns. Instead of the well-known, iconic titles of Sergio Leone, there will be equally appreciated iconic titles such as “My name is Nobody”. The RED GO offer will find fans of Italian masterpieces such as “Mother and daughter” and French – e.g. “The Price of Fear”. A nostalgic memory of the 90s. There will be films known only from VHS tapes, numerous titles from the kung-fu genre. The platform also offers something that has not yet been seen on the Polish market, such as blaxploitation films, originally shot by and for the African-American community in the 1970s, and films on the border of eroticism and horror, shot on the wave of moral changes at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, sometimes called sexplotation

RED GO is not only an offer of film classics, but also an offer of premiere items from various film genres. RED GO users will see the sensational 12-episode crime series “Lata 90 te” on June 10. Based on real events, the series shows the brutality of the nascent criminal world years after the Velvet Revolution in our southern neighbors. The series shown on Czech television gathered 1/4 of all inhabitants of the country in front of TV sets. The same genre is another premiere of the RED GO Platform. The series “Labirynt”, which has been awarded at many festivals, will be available from the end of June. A completely different type of offer will be the famous iconic Colombian series “First Lady”. The series based on the literary prototype is a 95-episode dramatic, but also romantic story of an ordinary waitress who dreams of becoming the first Lady of Colombia. By the end of this year, RED GO plans to premiere nearly 200 hours of films and series. There are 100 film and series premieres planned for 2023.

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