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• TVN Group and HBO Max Polska join the global celebrations of the Pride Month at Warner Bros. Discovery.
• Special collections and premieres of movies and series related to the LGBTQ + community on Player, HBO Max and TVN24 GO.
• Signing the Diversity Charter and joining the Responsible Business Forum initiative

The LGBTQ + community pride month has been celebrated in June all over the world for several decades now. Solidarity with non-heteronormative people is also demonstrated globally by Warner Bros. Discovery – owner of the TVN Group. Organization for years – incl. by implementing the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy – but also thanks to its productions, it increases the representation of the LGBTQ + community in local media and international productions. Thanks to its internal and external activities, the TVN Group increases social awareness of the problems of non-heteronormative people, strengthens the attitudes of support for these minorities and helps to promote the values ​​of acceptance and respect for diversity.
Special collections

Throughout June, in Player a unique “Equality Month” collection will be available. As part of it, users will be able to see “rainbow” productions. At the beginning, two proposals under the brand of Player Original – the premiere 4th season of the first Polish LGBTQ + series “Control” and the reality show “Prince Charming”. They are complemented by a program-reportage by TVN24 reporters “Everything about my child” and documents under the discovery + originals brand: “Pain and glow: queer legends”, “Pain and glow: letters from the queer underground”, “Lesbians teach love”, “Queer stories world “,” Teenage Drag Queens “and” Queer Revolutions “. The collection closes with a production from the Planet + library “LGBT. The story of a certain battle”.

Subscribers TVN24 GO can take advantage of the “Pride Month” section, which will include both premieres and items from the library of materials related to LGBTQ + people. These materials will also be part of the rainbow Magazine on the portal. Among the premieres there are such titles as: Dominika Ziółkowska’s reportage “Życie w dragu”, telling the story of five people whose passion is being a drag queen, #BezKitu – an episode of Radomir Wit’s political talk show devoted to, among others, rights of LGBTQ + people in Poland, a new report by Piotr Jacoń “Everything about my life” and new episodes of Tomasz-Marcin Wrona’s podcast “New Better World” on issues related to non-normative people. Items from the TVN24 GO library available in the special “Duma Month” section include: Piotr Jacoń’s report on transgender children and their parents – “Everything about my child” and his conversations in the series “Without politics” with LGBTQ + people, Dominika Ziółkowska’s reports on the relationship and life of two doctors – Maciej Socha and Mateusz Wartęga, as well as a documentary by Paula Przetakowska , whose protagonist is Ryszard Kisiel, arrested during the “Hyacynt” action, which involved collecting materials about the Polish LGBTQ + environment, as a result of which 11,000 surveillance files were opened for homosexuals in Poland.

Program offer HBO Max it includes a number of proposals related to the topic of the LGBTQ + community. In June, in connection with Pride Month, a special LGBTQ + section will appear on the platform, where viewers will find films and series such as “We’re Here”, “Because it’s a sin”, “Our flag means death”, “Euphoria,” Legends voguingu “,” Glances “,” Nuclear family “,” Hacks “,” Someone, somewhere “,” And just like that … “,” Six feet underground “,” White lotus “,” Students’ sexual life “, “Generation”, “Gossip Girl” (2021), “A Black Lady Sketch Show”, “Gentleman Jack”, “Betty”, “I Can Destroy You”, “L Word: Generation Q”, “Ammonite”, “Conversations with friends “and” Obsession Eve. “The section will be accompanied by a dedicated promotional spot.

Activities for the work environment
On the occasion of the month of pride, the TVN Group has prepared for its team internal screenings of LGBTQ + films – incl. the new season of Control, the latest installment of Piotr Jacoń’s reportage, Dominika Ziółkowska’s documentary about the Polish drag queen scene, as well as programs from the Discovery + library. In addition, employees will be able to participate in interesting discussions and inspiring meetings – incl. in a lecture on inclusive language or in a discussion panel on creating an inclusive and safe space for people from the LGBTQ + community in the company.

In addition, on June 14, the publication “TRANSformation. Inclusive Good Practices in the Workplace”, the partner of which is TVN Group, will have its premiere. This is the first practical guide for companies and organizations in Poland, describing in depth how to make the workplace safe and friendly for transgender people, including non-binary people. The publication provides practical information that has been structured in three parts: knowledge of transgender and non-binary nature, inclusive language and practices, and the role of employers in building inclusive workplaces. Allied people, DEI practitioners, people from HR departments, transgender and non-binary people, as well as practitioners and practitioners from many organizations, voluntarily worked on the publication. TVN groups. The premiere conference will be hosted by Piotr Jacoń – TVN24 journalist and author of the book “My, trans”.

The commencement of cooperation with the Responsible Business Forum is the culmination of activities undertaken by the TVN Group to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment, and at the same time confirmation of the priority importance of the internal initiative called MOSAIC. The project was launched in 2020 to integrate and provide equal opportunities for minorities in key business areas. As part of MOSAIC, training in unconscious bias, content diversity, supplier diversity, social impact and non-exclusive recruitment.

Joining the group of Signatories of the Diversity Charter is an important obligation for us. We are proud of the activities that we have already implemented, but at the same time we are pleased to commit to taking further steps for the development of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in our company. Diversity is inscribed in the company’s DNA – it can be seen in our productions, among the heroes of our programs, in our business environment and offices. Regardless of beliefs, gender, age, skin color or religion, people are at the center of our activities. Diversity is a value without which we are unable to function – it builds the success of our company, makes us make better, optimal decisions and we are more effective. Together with the Responsible Business Forum, we will now be able to share our experiences in this field, as well as work on the Code of Good Practice. We hope that it will become an inspiration for more companies in Poland – emphasizes Rafał Mikołajczyk, director of internal communication and CSR at the TVN Group.

The signing of the Diversity Charter by the largest broadcaster in the country is of great importance for strengthening the dialogue on diversity in Poland, and this is a topic that concerns all of us. We are glad that TVN Warner Bros. Discovery considers diversity a key value to its development. TVN’s involvement in the processes of setting trends in the policy of equal opportunities and inclusiveness may not only be an incentive for other employers, but also have a huge impact on shaping the quality of public discourse in the country on these important issues – says Marzena Strzelczak, president, general director of the Responsible Business Forum.

The “Diversity & Pride” employee group dedicated to the subject of diversity operates in the TVN Group. Its mission is to provide representation and action for the LGBTQiA + community, people with disabilities, people at risk of exclusion on the basis of religious beliefs or ethnic origin, and all who may experience exclusion for any other reason. The group’s activity helps to build a committed and safe workplace – exactly what employees and associates expect today.

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