Ms. Marvel a victim of review bombing? The Marvel series is inundated with negative reviews

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June 9, 2022, 13:40

Some fans have turned out to be more critical than ever of Marvel’s movies and series in recent times. This time, they set their sights on the well-rated Ms. Marvel and inundated it with negative reviews.

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Marvel entering the fourth phase has amassed many audiences more and more than ever show a negative attitude towards movies and series from the MCU universe. Part of this attitude is due to justified criticism, but some cases are the result the growing trend for review bombing, i.e. flooding a given title with negative reviews.

Series Moon Knight fell victim to review bombing due to the reference to the Armenian genocide by the Turks during World War I. The film faced a similar situation Eternalswho was bombarded with negative reviews for showing the homosexual plot. He was next in line The Suicide Squadand now it’s time for the latest hit from the Marvel stable – Ms. Marvel.

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Ms. Marvel the victim of review bombing

Ms. Marvel is inundated with negative reviews on the IMDB website despite extremely positive reviews from critics.

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As we can see in the chart above, among the ratings the highest, ten-star and the lowest dominatewith one star, which is constantly growing.

Ms. Marvel is inundated with negative reviews

One of the site users accused this intended for the younger audience of the seriesthat it “offers nothing but unnecessary colors and graphics”:

There is literally nothing in this series but unnecessary colors and graphics. This junk story is far from a comic book plot. The origin of Kamala’s power is literally the worst idea imaginable.

Another reviewer decided to share his frustration about the show’s looking too childish:

This series is rock bottom, literally a children’s show. Bad looking green screen and horrible concepts, however some elements are pretty cool … when you’re 11.

Some of the negative, one-star reviews are due to being in the show the current situation in India and Pakistan was not raised:

This is one of the worst first episodes I have ever seen. I am boycotting this junk show because the situation in India is not even mentioned.

Many users of the website defend the title, emphasizing that it is a series intended for a younger audience and it is through this prism that it should be assessed:

Stop reviewing the series’ review bombing. (…) The only thing that bothers me is the power switch and the visuals were quite weird. Dialogues can seem a bit cheesy to someone who is not your target audience. However, that doesn’t justify flooding the show with negative reviews.

Why Ms. Marvel experiences review bombing?

Looking at the reviews Ms. Marvel You get the feeling that there are a number of reasons fans don’t like the series.

These are among others friendly tone of the younger part of the audience, and even a negative attitude towards the title on a racially motivated basis. One of the more interesting reasons given by reviewers giving one-star reviews is no reference to the tensions between India and Pakistan, while the main character is of Pakistani-American origin.

Could the current political situation in this region be the main reason why Ms. Marvel fall victim to review bombing? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

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