Five steps that will introduce you to the world of hair styling

“Włosing” is a phenomenon and lifestyle of thousands of people for whom hair care means much more than just a random shampoo. Do you want to know more about conscious hair care? We present five steps that will introduce you to the world of hairdressing.

Take advantage of the trichological consultation

Trichology is a narrow field that deals with the improvement of the condition of the scalp and hair. A visit to a trichologist is the best solution when we notice that we cannot cope with hair ailments. It is also a good idea to consult a person to determine the porosity of the hair, the condition of the strands and the condition of the scalp, and to find out about your actual hair care needs.

During the visit, the specialist conducts an interview and examines the scalp and the hair shaft using a trichoscope (microcamera). Then the trichologist helps to determine the appropriate care. He often recommends additional tests (e.g. morphology, hormone determination, electrolytes) or consultation with a physician (e.g. endocrinologist or dermatologist).

Consultation with a trichologist is the best first step that will help you professionally care for a healthy scalp. And as you know, it is the basis of beautiful hair.

Watch the hair maniacs

There is a growing group of hair maniacs who are eager to share their experience in social media. One of the best known is Agnieszka Niedzialek, an influencer, blogger and author of a book about hairing (“Robię Włosing”). Agnieszka’s profile on Instagram is already followed by 162 thousand. people. She is the creator of the term “hairing” and the most popular hair educator in Poland.

The account of blogger Ewa Mazurek is very popular. The blogger showed on her profile how she fights against the hair loss problem. The effects of the care used by Ewa, after she has lost almost all her hair, are really impressive!

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Profiles run by specialists are a good tool for acquiring knowledge about hairing. An example is the account of Justyna Grzelak, a trichologist and dietitian, member of the Polish Trichological Association, who uses it to promote a holistic approach to hair care.

Join the WŁOSING group

A place on the Internet where you can find advice on hair care and styling is also the WŁOSING group on Facebook. It associates almost half a million people and is the largest Polish community of hairing fans. If you want to find real beauty gems or learn about the PEH balance or how to use the OMO method – this group is for you.

Choose cosmetics that are natural and effective at the same time

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of hair products available? It doesn’t have to be that way. For starters, focus on shampoos and conditioners with the most natural formulas that will not harm your hair or irritate the scalp. An example is the real haircare line of the Polish brand Resibo. All cosmetics are 100 percent. vegan and at least 94 percent. made of natural ingredients.

These are cosmetics that can be mixed, combined with each other in various configurations and used depending on the needs. They are rich in active ingredients that allow you to get the best results on different types of hair. Resibo has developed a proprietary composition of HairGrow Mix plant extracts, which consists of extracts from: amla fruit, goji berries, neroli and Nori algae. This natural formula is extremely effective in strengthening and nourishing the hair.

A quick and intuitive test available HERE will help you choose the right shampoo and conditioner.

Find out about new products by reaching for mini-books

More and more companies introduce the so-called minis, i.e. cosmetics in smaller versions. They can be purchased individually or in sets. Hair miners allow you to check, test and mix different products to create the care that gives the best results. This way you can get to know more cosmetics while spending less money. It is also a good solution when you are completing a beautician for a trip and do not want to give up your hair care routine.

Source: Press materials / Resibo

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