Depp founded Tik Toka. Amber Heard reacts sharply to his first post and reverts to domestic violence

Johnny Depp after the defamation trial, he decided again thank your fans for their support. During the court battle that lasted over a month, broadcast in the media, the public stood on the actor’s side. Malicious comments and memes directed against Amber they clearly testified to this. Moreover, in front of the court where the hearing was held, crowds stood every day with banners supporting Depp.

The actor set up an account on Tik Toku and posted the first post in which he thanked the fans.

Amber Heard he watches Johnny Depp closely. She reacted quickly to his Tik Toka. Its spokesman issued a statement that said:

Immediately after the announcement of the sentence on Instagram, the actress made a statement in which she already pointed out that such a court ruling would have a disastrous impact on women’s rights and any reports of domestic violence.

Johnny Depp has sued his ex-wife for defamation, seeking $ 50 million in damages. The actor took this step because, in connection with the public accusations, Heard appeared in the pages of the Washington Post as a monster who committed sexual violence against his wife, which, in his opinion, is not true, but a brutal hoax.

Depp’s notoriety contributed to the loss of contracts in several major film productions in which the actor was expected to participate. He did not have the opportunity to perform, among others in “Fantastic Beasts”.

After a trial lasting over a month, the court found that the actress had greatly exaggerated in the description of her marriage to Depp for the purposes of the article, and found her narrative to be false and deliberately malicious. By judgment Heard is to pay Depp a total of $ 15 million, including $ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in damages. On the other hand Depp is to pay her 2 million in compensation for the words of her defense attorney Adam Waldman, who accused her of slander in the Daily Mail.

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