“A Tale of the Victory of Life and Love.” Watch the trailer for the movie about Fr. Jan Kaczkowski

– I wrote this story so that even the most depressed person would believe that a new, good life can begin in unimaginable, extreme circumstances. It is a story about the victory of life and love. A true story – says the screenwriter of the film about priest Jan Kaczkowski. “Johnny” will hit theaters on September 23.

“Johnny” is a story based on true events that touches and inspires. Told from the perspective of the charge of Fr. Jan Kaczkowski, Patryk Galewski – a boy who did not have an easy start in life.

Patrick breaks into a house in a small town. The court’s verdict orders him to work in the hospice in Puck, where he meets the extraordinary Fr. Jan Kaczkowski. The clergyman engages young boys from the vocational school, seemingly tough rebels, to help the sick. In his work, he focuses on closeness, tenderness and the fight for relationships with other people. It teaches empathy. And he does it with a wholesale amount of humor, which is gaining immense popularity. Soon after, Jan himself faces the challenge of fighting the disease. Patryk is put in a situation that will change his whole life.

– I wrote this story so that even the most depressed person would believe that a new, good life can begin in unimaginable, extreme circumstances. It is a story about the victory of life and love. A true story, says screenwriter Maciej Kraszewski.

In the role of Fr. Jan Kaczkowski is played by Dawid Ogrodnik. Patryk Galewski will play multiple awards for his performance in the film “25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda” Piotr Trojan. On the screen we will also see, among others Magdalena Czerwińska, Anna Dymna, Maria Pakulnis, Marta Stalmierska, Witold Dębicki, Michał Kaleta and Joachim Lama.

Watch the trailer for the movie about Fr. Jan Kaczkowski

– The uniqueness of John was, in this good sense, a straightforward view of religion, which is primarily based on respect, not disdaining human beings and what is most important, that is, acting as a result and as a result of love for another human being – he says about the character played by Dawid Ogrodnik.


– As always in such situations, the game is difficult because it is a real character, but Patryk is a dream hero. Hooligan, criminal, student, teacher, cook, father, nurse. Patrick can contain more than one hero. The seemingly easy-to-build role turned out to be extremely complex. Full of changes and internal contrasts – says Piotr Trojan about his creation.

Who was Fr. Jan Kaczkowski?

Fr. Jan Kaczkowski was born on July 19, 1977 in Gdynia. He grew up in Sopot. He also graduated from primary school and environmental high school there. He wasn’t the polite one. In 1996 he passed his high school diploma and tried to study his two passions: law and medicine. However, he entered the Gdańsk Theological Seminary.

In 2002 he was awarded a master’s degree and ordained a priest. From June 2002 to November 2007 he was a vicar in Puck. He was also a chaplain at the Nursing Home and the County Hospital in Puck. In the years 2004-2011 he was a catechist in “Oxford” in Puck, the General Secondary School in Puck and in the Secondary School Complex in Rzucewo.

Working with young people has always been a source of pride in him. In 2004, together with an initiative group, he founded the Puckie Hospice Home. Working with the sick was especially close to him. In 2007 he defended his doctorate: “The dignity of the dying man and helping a person in a terminal state”, and a year later he completed postgraduate studies in bioethics. He liked spontaneous travel, eating well, teaching at school and Coca Cola.

He wrote three books that were very popular: “There is no madness, there is cancer”, “Life on a full firecracker, or faith, tenderloin and love” and “The ground under your feet”.

In his last two books, Father Jan wrote words that are still relevant today. Here they are:

Fight for yourself

I would like to tell you one more thing: fight for yourself, do not get trampled by crises of hopelessness, temporary darkness, fight for a clear conscience and never think that God is against you.

I also read my illness as a sense. I want to be very truthful. This fourth degree glioblastoma, which has a very bad prognosis, is nothing pleasant for me, but it is also not a monster and a tragedy – I’m just sick. I am neither a great hero nor a great victim. What is going on in my head tells me to use this cancer to wave my paws all the time and say what my conscience dictates in the context of truth. And to finish it – to leave the position of a priest, when that will be the will of God, and do it with dignity, relatively efficiently, and with class. Amen.

(“Land under the legs”, Krakow, 2016)

Last message and request

My person is of little importance here. I am moved by the words of Pope Benedict XVI, who fascinated me, who, after the election of the conclave, announced: “After the great Pope John Paul, the cardinals chose me, a humble associate of the Lord’s vineyard”. The great cardinal, called the armored man, who says he is a modest worker in the Lord’s vineyard! Also, I am not unique and please do not have me for one. I am the most ordinary, erring priest and Christian, your brother John, who often got lost in life.

I am also asking you not to forget about the hospice in Puck. It is also an appeal to my colleagues. I am begging you, do not turn the good we have worked out together for a change. That you maintain the highest standards of care, financial and moral transparency. But also that you remember about me. God forbid erecting monuments, but keeping in prayer. The greatest gift that you will be able to offer me after your death is the Gregorian Mass.

And I, if God accepts me, I promise that as much as He allows me, because it is also not so obvious, I will try to be close to you.

I apologize to all those I have hurt and unfairly judged. I am asking for forgiveness for all those who felt touched by me in those moments when I did not rise to the occasion. And I wanted to say that I have no grudge against anyone. Yes, Lord God, help me.

(“Life on a full firecracker”, Krakow, 2015)

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