7 Tips for a Quick Recovery to Avoid Post-Festival Depression

Ah, the damn Monday morning blues. It can be hard to get back to “normal” life after a late-night weekend, enjoying the music, friends, and elevated atmosphere.

A close friend recently texted me after a 3 day celebration.

“how did you find it?” I asked

“It was great! I just hate going back to reality.” replied

How to Make Post-Festival Days Don’t Suck

As a health and wellness coach who works with clients in the industry and also loves a weekend fest like everyone else, I know all about the downside to extreme highs. So I’m going to show you 7 tips to help you beat the Monday blues.

Bonus: If you incorporate these things into your life on a regular basis, you will experience a bit of a downturn and returning to a normal life won’t be as difficult. Do not believe me? Then we need to talk – so schedule your call on my website here.


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