7. film music concert at the Sopot Film Festival

The concert of Film Music as part of the Sopot Film Festival, as in previous years, was a combination of symphonic music, invited guests and remixes of classic works. The program included, among others compositions by Ennnio Morricone, Nino Rota and Hans Zimmer, as well as by the bands Portishead, Florence and The Machine, Eurytmics, Hooverphonic and Moderat.

photo: Jacek Klejment / Trojmiasto.pl

The seventh Film Music Concert organized as part of the Sopot Film Festival that lasts until Sunday is behind us. This time, the Forest Opera featured mainly hits from films made in Italy. Paulina Przybysz and Justyna Święs performed on stage, accompanied by the Sopot philharmonics, and Sebastian Lipiński from the Tri-City band Byty took care of electronic remixes of the film’s works.

Film music in the Tri-City

Sopot festival there are many interesting offers of artistic cinema, but also film-related events. A film music concert, which has been organized for seven years, halfway through the event, has become a tradition of the festival. It has become an arena of musical attractions for the third time Forest Operawhere on Wednesday, June 8, the audience heard compositions that were used in productions filmed in southern Europe. The slogan of this year’s concert was “La Dolce Vita?”. And the concert began with the works from Federico Fellini’s film of the same title.

– Federico Fellini once called his masterpiece “La Dolce Vita” – the music of which you have just heard – a real Tower of Babel, because the heroes of this film, although they speak the same language, cannot communicate. The music written by Nino Rota can also be called the Tower of Babel, because it mixes various styles and genres – symphonic melancholy with jazz, pop, circus fanfare and even wild dances. All this to build the atmosphere of the empty streets of Rome, the loneliness of the coming morning, a phantasmagoric image of the world of luxury, desire and decadence. Music can do it best – she said Magda Feliswho conducts the concert.

This does not mean, however, that only the soundtrack from “Sweet Life” took over the Forest Opera. There were famous themes from such productions as: “The Godfather”, “Hidden Desires”, “Malena”, “Great Beauty”, “Call Me By Your Name”, “House of Gucci” or “It’s not time to die”.

The program of the Sopot Film Festival

During the concert, we heard music by, among others the aforementioned Nino Rota, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, as well as Portishead, Florence and The Machine or Hooverphonic in arrangements Polish Chamber Philharmonic in Sopot conducted by Rafał Janiak. As in previous years, the symphonic music was complemented by electronic arrangements and remixes of classic pieces. Most of the more than 20 songs sounded symphonic, and a few were sung live by the stars of this year’s concert: Paulina Przybysz and Justyna Święs (half of The Dumplings team). The whole was accompanied by fragments of films from which the soundtrack was played in the background.

– Today’s concert is special for at least three reasons. First of all, the entire repertoire, all pieces have been prepared especially for this evening, and all the arrangements have been specially written for the composition of the Symphony Orchestra and the invited musicians. Today we will all hear this concert for the first time. Every year we also propose a different theme for the concert. When we selected films and songs under the slogan “La Dolce Vita” a few months ago, we were convinced that after two years of the pandemic this is a great time to propose a slightly lighter and more entertaining repertoire. Life, unfortunately, likes to surprise us. Today’s concert takes place in the shadow of the war and we remember it. In March this year, we put a question mark on the title of our concert, although the slogan “La dolce vita” itself functions as such a critical metaphor for what is important, beautiful and “dolce” in life. We left the program the same, but today, in all these circumstances, we want to invite you to a story about the affirmation of life rather than its celebration – she said Anna Kądziela-Grubmandirector of the festival and initiator of the concert.
The singers appearing on stage several times were the brightest point on the program of the over two-hour concert. They made new arrangements of songs from the films “Hidden desires”, “Call me by your name”, “Gucci House”, “Youth” and “No time to die”. Paulina Przybysz sang, among others “Glory box”, “You’ve got the love” and “No time to die”, and Justyna Święs “Bad Kingdom”, “Mystery of love” and “Here comes the rain again”. They both fared very well, especially Justyna, whose sensitivity and modest charisma breaks through each song, not only from her own repertoire. However, he provided the greatest dose of musical energy Sebastian Lipiński from the Tri-City band Byty, which prepared electronic remixes of film songs, subjecting them to complete deconstruction. It has to be admitted that the concert seems to be longer and longer every year – especially the symphonic parts are very complex, which means that the mood sometimes disappears and attention is distracted.

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The Sopot Film Festival, which included the Film Music Concert, will last until June 12. This year’s repertoire includes several dozen proposals in several program ranges. Including screenings of European films awarded at world festivals, a section devoted to Scandinavian cinema or film trips to more distant corners of the world in the New Visions band.


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