Tom Cruise: how much does he earn and how much is the fortune of the Top Gun star?

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, born on July 3, 1962, gained fame incl. as the star of a film strongly corresponding to the date of his birth. It is, of course, about the cult title “Born on July 4”. However, before Tom became an internationally recognized actor, he was a pretty average American kid. He traveled all over the United States with his mother, stepfather and three sisters, moving and changing schools 15 times.

The young boy was not an outstanding individual. He studied average. He was also not a school star. However, he had a passion for sports. For a moment he even thought about becoming a clergyman. Fortunately, instead of serving as a pastor to church, he eventually auditioned for the musical “Guys and Dolls”. He got a role in it and it turned out that he feels like a fish in water on stage. In one of the interviews he said:

In the 1980s, Tom began to slowly gain the status of the most recognizable actor of the era. He has worked with the best directors. They engaged him in their productions, among others Francis Ford Coppola in “Outcasts”, Ridley Scott in the fantasy movie “Legend” or Marin Scorsese in “The Color of Money”.

The actor has three Golden Globes to his credit. Tom was also nominated for an Academy Award three times, but never won the award. Nevertheless, his account balance is growing year by year, and Forbes magazine recognized him as one of the most influential people in show business. His fortune is estimated at over $ 600 million.

Now the actor has a chance to increase his financial resources even more. He starred in a new version of the super hit from years ago, “Top Gun”. Fans around the world have hit theaters en masse, and the production receives quite good reviews from critics. Weeks before the premiere, Tom published an entry on his Instagram:

The actor, like other stars of this format, invests primarily in real estate and luxury cars. He owned several impressive mansions located both in the United States and in other attractive locations.

He sold some of them and some are still in his possession. One of the most impressive was the mansion in the mountains in Colorado aptly named Winter Wonderland. There were also villas in London, Beverly Hills, and apartments in New York and Miami on the list. To think that as a young boy he wandered around poor, rented houses!

Tom’s garage is also bursting at the seams. The actor is famous for his passion for the automotive industry. He drove, among others such cars as Bugatti Veyron, Ford Mustang Saleen, BMW 7 Series, Chevrolet Corvette C1 or Porsche 911. What else will it be tempted by? Time will tell.

Even during the pandemic, when theaters were closed, Tom was not idle. He encouraged people to watch movies on VOD platforms. On his Twitter account, he mentioned:

Tom Cruise has been married three times. His first relationship with a certain Mimi Rogers. For 11 years he was also the husband of the famous actress Nicole Kidman. Together, they adopted two children. The relationship ended when the actor got into an affair with Penélope Cruz, whom he met on the set of “Vanilla Sky”. In 2006-2012, his wife was Katie Holmes.

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