This year’s holidays, the most expensive in the last 10 years. Ticket prices have skyrocketed

According to Google data, the intention of Romanians to travel in 2022 is increasing compared to three years ago. Last month, for example, the volume of holiday searches was 35% higher than in the same month in 2019. However, they will be the most expensive holidays in the last 10 years, analysts say.

Regardless of the time, Henri Coandă Airport, the largest in the country, is always full: foreigners visiting us and Romanians going on vacation.

Trip to London

Reporter: “Where are you going?”
Girl: “In London.”
Reporter: “And what are you doing there?”
Girl: “Well, we plan to visit, go to the theater, go on a cultural trip.”
Reporter: “And the budget for London?”
Girl: “Pretty big, unexpectedly big.”

The girls, students in the 11th grade, will stay for six days. For the hotel I pay 117 euros per night, 300 euros for the plane plus 600 euros for each.

From London, Lucica and Franco came to us on vacation.

What does a Romanian woman from London say about the holiday in Mamaia

Lucica Triță, a Romanian living in London: “Mamaia … I was disappointed. The new hotel is very good, the buildings all over the place, the prices for us are not high, but for the Romanians with the salaries here they are peppered. The night at the hotel was 600, each meal was not less than 250 lei, about 2,000 a day. “

We have more and more foreigners visiting our country. The number of tourists who came to Romania increased by 189% in April 2022.

At the same time, the number of Romanians who left the country increased by 137%, ie by 1.4 million people. So, this summer could be the start of the relaunch of tourism, but where there is a high demand, there are also higher prices, which means that we will give more money for the holidays.

The most expensive countries for the holidays

The most expensive holiday countries are: Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Spain. Romania ranks 34th, more expensive than Turkey, which ranks 41st.

Bogdan Maioreanu, Etoro analyst: “At the moment, according to the latest statistics, we are witnessing a 225% increase in the number of tourists coming to Turkey compared to last year. This year the holidays will be more expensive than in other years. When you go on holiday by car, compared to last year, fuel will be more expensive. If you go by plane, we have increases and estimates of increases in airline tickets for this summer, because the airlines are currently facing an increase in aircraft fuel, and this price is between 30 and 60% of the total costs related to the operation of the aircraft ”.

According to Google data, the intention of Romanians for holidays is much higher even compared to 2019. In the top holiday destinations, according to the search for accommodation are: Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Egypt. And the most sought after flights are to countries like Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

There is a high demand for cruises now, with a third compared to the last two years.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Europe is the first to recover, ahead of Asia, which is still suffering from pandemic restrictions.

Marius Berca, director of the travel agency: “There are tourists who also choose two or three holidays for Greece, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria. We try to keep the prices, it is true that we will not be able to keep all the packages. I don’t think there will be more than 8% increases. “

High prices for Greece

For Greece, authorities say there will be a 15% increase in individual bookings due to inflation exceeding 10%.

Dragan Dan Adrian, representative of Forum Greece: “Prices have increased by an average of 10%, both in taverns and in accommodation. If a dish used to be seven euros, now it’s eight euros. the biggest price increases are for the octopus, because it is not found in the Aegean and we see three or four extra euros for lamb, roast goat, because the kilogram is no longer 25 euros and 34 euros. ”

Transportation by ferry and car rental have also become more expensive.

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