The best movies about mysteries and secrets – time to move your head

“Good films must draw the viewer” – this sentence is shared by a large number of cinema fans. However, have you wondered how to capture our attention most effectively? One of the most popular treatments by filmmakers is introducing a puzzle to the plot, which keeps us awake throughout the screening. Ultimately, we find out at the very end of the story whether it will be resolved or remain unknown.

Movies in which you need to think a little – riddles, puzzles and secrets

The puzzle as defined is “Something mysterious that we try to explain or understand.” It’s hard to deny that most of us are very curious, so finding the truth or trying to solve puzzles is not unnatural. This feature is most often visible during sessions, which attract our attention thanks to a smart one introducing an element of mystery to the plot.

This procedure has been used by filmmakers for hundreds of years, so of course it had to hit the world of film in the end. Of course, very often puzzles are associated with murders, kidnappings or other criminal cases that the main characters of the production are trying to solve. Consequently, whether they like it or not, they turn into detectives who are obsessed with finding out the truth. Below you will find five in my opinion the best films with puzzles as their main leitmotif.

5. Zodiac (2007)

We start the list with a film that scares us and is curious at the same timeand. Zodiac is the true story of a San Francisco Chronicle journalist who wanted to know the identity of a serial killer on his own, roaming the state of California. A hero played by a brilliant Jake Gyllenhaalpractically throughout the screening, he tries to solve new puzzles, which in the end will involve getting to know the real Zodiac.

He set his quality stamp on the 2007 film David Fincherwho is behind its directing. Additionally, in addition to the aforementioned Gyllenhaal, we can see Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. or John Lynch. This is a must-have for all fans of crime fiction, where the main case is based on a murderer who is trying to catch someone other than an FBI agent or a policeman.

4. Harry Angel (1987)

Definitely it is not the most popular “Harry” in the world of cinemabut it’s still worth getting to know. The 1987 film shows us the profile of a private detective who works on behalf of a mysterious man in whom he plays himself Robert De Niro. The title character quickly realizes that the mystery he has to solve does not necessarily have to do with the real world. Dark, occult and dreamlike atmosphere The film makes us watch Harry Angel’s actions through our fingers and the heart in his throat.

Responsible for the script and directing of the production Alan Parkerwho worked on hits such as Birdie if Mississippi on fire. However, in my opinion, the perception of the film is primarily influenced by acting. He got a mission to play the title character the underrated Mickey Rourke. In addition, a lot of work is done on the screen by supporting characters and even episodic characters, which maintain the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the film.

3. The da Vinci code (2006)

I say with my hand on my heart that I have no idea why The da Vinci code met with such an average reception from the audience. In websites Filmweb if IMDB the adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel did not surpass the 6.8 mark, which is a kind of absurdity for me. Intertwining facts and historical fiction with real times and throwing into this cauldron a few intrigues and police on the back of the neck – sorry, but for me this is a total hit! In the case of this film, the main mystery is related the title artist and visionary, whose puzzles Robert Langdon tries to solve.

This hero was played by reliable Tom Hankswho reprized the role three years later in Angels and Demons and in 2016 as part of the film Inferno. The atmosphere of the entire production is also added by none other than Hans Zimmerwho composed music for it. In sum The da Vinci code is one of the most underrated films that revolves around puzzles, puzzles, myths and ancient secrets.

2. The Name of the Rose (1986)

A movie that was really hard for me to get through. Why? Mainly because of his severity and ugliness. Almost all Benedictines who appear in Name of the rose they were made up in such a way as to reflect the standards of a 14th century monastery. On top of that, they come to that the cold colors of the film and the darkness and sadness emanating from the screen. In this case, the murders committed in a Benedictine monastery are a mystery. He deals with solving this confusion William of Baskerville assisted by the young Adso from Melk.

They play the main characters one by one Sean Connery and Christian Slater. I will not reveal any secret when I say that it was the Scotsman who stole the whole show with his screen attitude. Connery in Name of the rose it is simply incredibly convincing and painfully simple, which in the case of the whole convention of the movie is at least great. He did the directing himself Jean-Jacques Annaudfor which The name of the rose is probably the greatest success in a long career.

1. The Girl with the Tattoo (2011)

Where to find the best puzzles and brain teasers if not in Scandinavia? In this case, the film takes us to frosty Sweden, where a journalist Mikel Blomkvist, not entirely from his will, becomes a private detective. The character played by Daniel Craig tries to solve a family secret that dates back several decades. The protagonist’s path is often faced with various obstacles, but the desire to know the truth is so strong that it is hard to even think about the premature end of the screening. At this point, it should be noted that Craig is helping in the investigation Rooney Marawho is the eponymous tattoo girl.

In addition to the above-mentioned duo, we can see more on the screen Stellan Skarsgard, Christopher Plummer or Steven Berkoff. Interestingly, we opened the entire list with a movie David Fincher and we end them with the same director. That’s right – behind the camera Girls with a tattoo the winner of the Golden Globe himself stood. The story of the film is based on a novel Stieg Larsson from 2005.

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