Sony is expanding its X-Series wireless speaker range

Sony is expanding its X-Series wireless speaker range and launching three new models. Sony announces three new models in the range of portable speakers, XG300, XE300 and XE200which offers both expansive sound, high quality sound, strong sound pressure, and deep bass, all in a portable format so that users can enjoy their favorite audio experiences anywhere.

The models, although portable, benefit from a powerful sound thanks to the passive dual radiators and the X-Balanced speaker from Sony implemented on all three models. They produce sharp, low-distortion bass, delivering impressive, high-quality sound that will keep you partying all night long.

Strong sound for parties

The pattern XG300 allows users to enjoy deep bass and great audio clarity at high frequencies thanks to built-in tweeters and MEGA BASS features. If they want to move from a club experience to a real concert experience, users can use the LIVE SOUND feature[i] through XG300 perfectly recreates the unique atmosphere and allows them to relive their favorite shows whenever they want.

For users who prefer light-colored parties, XG300 it has ambient lighting that synchronizes the lights on the speaker with the rhythm of the music.

Uniform sound for the entire space where the speaker is located

Inspired by professional audio systems used in concerts, the unique linear speaker developed by Sony distributes the sound evenly, enveloping an even larger area, so that the entire location of the speaker benefits from the same listening experience in each room.

For models XE300 and XE200 vertical use is recommended so that users can fully benefit from the linear speaker. Furthermore, they can position the speakers horizontally so that they can experience stereo audio playback through the Sony | Music Center

Favorite rhythms, anywhere

All three speakers were built on the principle of portability, and XG300 it also has a retractable handle that makes transportation easier.

Despite the small size and light weight, the models XE300 and XE200 gives a powerful sound in a small body, making them the perfect companion for outdoor exploration. The pattern XE200 It also comes with a handy strap so it’s easy to carry and ready to play high-quality sound at the touch of a button.

No obstacles between you and your favorite music

All three models are IP67 certified for dust and moisture resistance, so whether they are used on the beach or by the pool, your favorite music will continue to be heard.

XE300 and XE200 have been thoroughly tested by Sony for shock resistance, so that they are not affected by any bumps, drops or scratches that may occur on a daily basis.

The party lasts longer, with even more battery life

All three models have extended battery life, so a single charge lasts even longer. XG300 offers 25 hours of playback, XE300 offers 24 hours of playback and XE200 offers 16 hours of playback with a fully charged battery.

All three speakers have fast charging, which provides 70 minutes of playback in just 10 minutes of charging.

Thanks to the Battery Care feature implemented on all three models, users do not have to worry about overcharging the battery, and this means that it will remain in optimal condition for a longer time. For XE300 and XE200, this feature can be activated via the Sony app Music Center.

XE300 and XE200 They also feature unique Sony Ambient Noise Sensing technology, which uses the microphone to analyze ambient sound so as to save battery power when the speakers are used outdoors.

Excellent calls with the Echo Canceling function

All three models offer the Echo Canceling feature, which allows the two participants in a phone call to talk simultaneously without interrupting them. For XE200 and XE300 you can turn off the sound instantly with the MIC Mute button on the speaker.

The party is getting even more fun with features like Party Connect and Stereo Pair

All three speakers come with the Party Connect feature, which can connect up to 100 wireless speakers via BLUETOOTH technology, so you can play music at the same time. With the Stereo Pair you can connect two wireless speakers for great stereo sound. Both functions can be activated via the Sony application Music Center.

Sustainability matters

Sony designs the company’s products not only to be stylish, but also to the environment. Recycled plastic developed especially for Sony is used in the internal components of XE300 and XE200. This process required years of development and research to ensure that sustainable materials meet Sony’s very strict audio requirements. Using recycled paper for individual packaging, including product backing, all model packaging contains less than 5% plastic material in total.

Price and availability

Available colors – light gray and black

Box XG300 will be available starting with July 2022 at a recommended price of about 1500 RON.

The pattern XE300 will be available starting with July 2022 at a recommended price of about 1000 RON.

XE200 will be available starting with July 2022 at a recommended price of about 750 RON.

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