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LG is without a doubt one of the most important and successful manufacturers of TVs and monitors. Not only that, but it is also one of the largest suppliers of panels for other companies assembling such devices. Sound names in the industry choose to integrate screens developed and produced by LG, so the experience of the South Korean giant is even more extensive in a field where continuous and sustained innovation is essential.

When it comes to OLED panels, then it is clear that LG delivers the most competitive and high-performance solutions. If the first OLEDs failed to rise, for some reason (maximum brightness in particular), to the level of LCDs, now the latest panels with organic diodes are no better.

The advantages of OLED displays are many, and the most important are an absolute black, which guarantees an infinite contrast, a perfect separation of every detail (given the distinct illumination of each pixel), and the widest viewing angles . Let’s not forget the colors, which are vivid and can generate a special dynamic for each scene.

The above is, as we have already mentioned, only a small part of the many advantages of OLED panels, which I have discovered over many years in which I tested a lot of TVs, monitors, laptops, mobile phones. and many other devices that you interact with more or less through a screen.

However, an OLED panel also comes with disadvantages. Being organic diodes, they can be “consumed” for many, many years. There is also the possibility that the phenomenon of “burn-in” may occur. These two disadvantages of OLEDs, I would say, are long gone, and the latest innovations have managed to greatly reduce such behavior.

5 year LG OLEG TV warranty

So LG now has the courage to offer a 5-year warranty for the panel of certain OLED TVs. It is true that we are only talking about two LG OLED TV series, the top ones in the current range of the company, but the future sounds better and better. As we all know, in just 1-2 years the technologies that are available at the beginning strictly on the top of the range then reach the middle series, so that in the end they will be available on the entire offer. Therefore, it is not only probable, but perfectly feasible that in the near future more and more LG OLED TV models will receive a 5-year warranty, why not even more.

Another benefit that LG TV customers in our country can benefit from is the free installation and installation. The promotion is valid for a wide range of models, from OLED TV, QNED TV and UHD TV series. You can consult the entire list and find out more details about the promotional campaign that ends only on the last day of this year, on the dedicated website.

LG TVs with free installation

I have read the entire Campaign Regulations and I assure you that there is no artifice, no reason not to request free installation and installation if you purchase an LG TV that qualifies for this service.

In essence, whether you want the TV to be placed on its stand / stand / foot, or you want it to be fixed to the wall, the team that handles these operations takes care of everything. You only need a compatible stand when you want wall mounting, an accessory that you can buy from partner stores or that can be made available to you by the assembly team itself.

The free installation promotional service includes team travel to the location, measurements and advice on wall mounting, actual installation, but also initial setup. This involves installing software updates, searching for and storing TV shows, initialization settings, and even explaining the main functions of the TV, including browsing the smart TV interface.

I imagine that as readers of this site you do not expect to be advised on webOS, for example, but we must admit that there are many users who need assistance to understand how they can enjoy everything to the fullest. offers an LG smart TV.

If we were curious about what the free LG TV installation service means, then you can find out more in the video below or on the campaign website, which also includes the form to complete in order to benefit from this promotion.

This is how LG, in addition to producing some of the best TVs in the world, is constantly meeting the needs of customers with extra services offered for free, some of which are really welcome.

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