Magdalena – movie review [Młodzi i Film 2022]

Magdalena (Magdalena Zak) during the day with his mother (Anna Gajewska) tries to raise his daughter, Marysia (Maja Malesa), and tries to start his DJ career at night. Due to a traumatic event in the past, the girl stopped talking and communicated with the world only in sign language. And when it seems that in her hopeless situation there may be a chance to break out of torpor, everything starts to collapse again.

The story, written and directed by Filip Gieldon, has a very interesting starting point. Here we have a girl who tries to do what she loves and in what she is supposed to be good. She feels great in club music and the sets she composed are very liked and appreciated by the partygoers of one of the clubs in Lodz. She is slowly starting to make a name for herself and in any other situation it would probably be the beginning of a great career, but Magdalena carries a huge baggage of experience on her back, which unfortunately overwhelms her. She became a mother very early, for which she was not completely prepared. So she has to live with her mother with her child and be dependent on her, which the mother does not like, because she can barely make ends meet. She translates the frustration for her situation into her daughter, who does not want to take responsibility for her life too much and still acts like a teenager to whom the world belongs. She is partying, chasing her dreams of being a DJ, hoping that the rest of the problems will be solved by her mother. At some point, the cup of bitterness is poured out and the girl is forced to stand on her own feet. And here begins the biggest problem of Gieldon’s scenario.

Until the story focused on the club scene and Magdalena’s pursuit of her dreams, everything is interesting and well presented. Unfortunately, when the director introduces a certain drama into his story, his heroine begins to act irrational and chaotic. And while it is understandable that people in extreme situations often behave irrationally, in Gieldon’s finale, logic crumbles like a house of cards, and the sudden inconsistency in the main character’s behavior irritates, killing any emotional involvement on the part of the viewer. Not only does she suddenly make the main character a sociopath, which can be defended during a long debate, but the scene with the police at the station destroys all the efforts put into building and leading such a promising story. The film loses its meaning significantly, leaving the viewer with a feeling of wasted time.

Undoubtedly, the burden of the entire film rests on the shoulders of Magdalena Żak, who is doing very well with the assigned task. She can adequately show the pain her protagonist is struggling with. It arouses sympathy, the viewer supports it throughout the first part of the film. She wants the world to finally give her peace and a moment of respite, because how many misfortunes can fall on one person … However, due to a badly written ending, all this work is wasted and the sympathy for the main character disappears very quickly. Anna Gajewska is also noteworthy, as she perfectly portrays a tired mother who is no longer able to pay for her daughter and her child. He wants to breathe a little, start enjoying life, and not all the time working on his daughter and granddaughter. Gajewska gives this character a very strong character, thanks to which she attracts the viewer’s attention. It remembers it for longer than just the end credits.

Magdalena she had all the makings to be a promising debut. Interesting story to tell. Good, little will limit the cast. There was no well-prepared script to be fully happy. Nevertheless, we were served some good ideas here, so I will be curiously looking for the next project by both director Filip Gieldon and actress Magdalena Żak.


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